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    Article numberNameVolumeSupplierOffer
    BS-150.8501-1.4CIMacTM pDNA-0.3 Analytical Column (Pores 1.4 um)0.3 mLBIA Separations
    BT-PL390Testoxidase15 ml vialBioTrading
    DML1100Staph. Plus kit100 testsBioTrading
    DML1130Staph. Plus kit300 testsBioTrading
    EC-R-B1-FRGiQ-CEChlamydia trachomatis-FRT110 RXEcoli
    EC-R-B19-FRGiQ-CEU. parvum / U. urealyticum-FRT110 RxEcoli
    EC-R-B6-FRGiQ-CETrichomonas vaginalis-FRT110 RxEcoli
    EC-R-V62RGDt-CEHCV/HBV/HIV 1,2-FRT100 RxEcoli
    EC-R-V67-F-CEHPV HCR genotype-titre-FRT110 RxEcoli
    BH-12.01.02GXT DNA/RNA96Hain Lifescience
    HL-12.08.02GXT NA96Hain Lifescience
    HM-ARC0399Chloramphenicol, D-threo [dichloroactyl-1-14C]50 μCiHartmann
    HM-ART0710Thiamine [3H(G)] hydrochloride50 μCiHartmann
    HM-MT783Folic acid, diammonium salt, [3',5',7,9-3H]-50 μCiHartmann
    HM-P-RB-1[P32]Phosphoric acid500 µCiHartmann
    HM-P-RB-1[P32]Phosphoric acid1000 µCiHartmann
    HM-P-RB-1[P32]Phosphoric acid2000 µCiHartmann
    HM-P-RB-1[P32]Phosphoric acid5000 µCiHartmann
    HM-P-RB-1[P32]Phosphoric acid10000 µCiHartmann
    HT-7350128Dispensersprøjte - Syringe 5 ml1HTZ
    HT-7350129Dispensersprøjte - Syringe 2,5 ml1HTZ
    LD-BA E-5100Adrenaline Research ELISA96LDN
    LD-BA E-5200Noradrenaline Research ELISA96LDN
    LD-BA E-83002-Met Plsama Elisa2 x 96LDN
    LI-10003O.G.Y.E. AGAR + GENTAMICIN20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10004CLED ANDRADE AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10004*CLED ANDRADE AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10005MAC CONKEY SORBITOL AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10005*MAC CONKEY SORBITOL AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10006TRYPTIC SOY AGAR + 0,6% YEAST EXTRACT20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10007BACILLUS CEREUS AGAR (PEMBA)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10008YOSHINAGA AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10009TRYPTIC SOY AGAR + NaCl 3%20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10010ENDO AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10011YEAST GLUCOSE CHLORAMPHENICOL AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10012VIOLET RED BILE LACTOSE AGAR + MUG20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10013DNase TEST AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10013*DNase TEST AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10014PURPLE LACTOSE AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10014*PURPLE LACTOSE AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10015T.S.A. + ACTIDIONE20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10016MONSUR AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10017CZAPEK DOX AGAR CE20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10018DRIGALSKI LACTOSE AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10019R2A AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10020BAIRD PARKER AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10020*BAIRD PARKER AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10021BIGGY (NICKERSON) AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10021*BIGGY (NICKERSON) AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10022BRILLIANT GREEN AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10022*BRILLIANT GREEN AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10023CHOCOLATE AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10023*CHOCOLATE AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10024TRYPTOSE AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10024*TRYPTOSE AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10025COLUMBIA AGAR (Horse Blood 5%)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10025*COLUMBIA AGAR (Horse Blood 5%)100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10026CLED AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10026*CLED AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10027BACILLUS CEREUS AGAR (Mossel)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10028ISOSENSITEST AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10028*ISOSENSITEST AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10029MAC CONKEY AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10029*MAC CONKEY AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10030MANNITOL SALT AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10030*MANNITOL SALT AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10031MUELLER HINTON II AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10031*MUELLER HINTON II AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10032PLATE COUNT AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10032*PLATE COUNT AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10033CETRIMIDE AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10033*CETRIMIDE AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10034ROSE BENGAL CAF AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10034*ROSE BENGAL CAF AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10035SABOURAUD DEXTROSE AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10035*SABOURAUD DEXTROSE AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10035SSabouraud Dextrose Agar Irradiated20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10036S.S. AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10036*S.S. AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10037TRYPTIC SOY AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10037*TRYPTIC SOY AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10037STRYPTIC SOY AGAR Irradiated20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10038STREPTOCOCCAL KF+TTC AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10038*STREPTOCOCCAL KF+TTC AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10039ROGOSA AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10039*ROGOSA AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10040NEW YORK CITY AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10041LISTERIA PALCAM AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10042CRYSTAL VIOLET AGAR (Sheep Blood 5%)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10042*CRYSTAL VIOLET AGAR (Sheed Blood 5%)100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10043HEKTOEN ENTERIC AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10043*HEKTOEN ENTERIC AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10044Nutrient Agar ISO 1626620 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10044*Nutrient Agar ISO 16266100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10046SERUM TELLURITE AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10047BISMUTH SULFITE AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10047*BISMUTH SULFITE AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10048E.M.B. LEVINE AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10048*E.M.B. LEVINE AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10049M.S.R.V. AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10049*M.S.R.V. AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10050CAMPYLOBACTER AGAR (Sheep Blood 5%)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10050*CAMPYLOBACTER AGAR (Sheep Blood 5%)100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10051Legionella BCYE Agar20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10051*Legionella BCYE Agar100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10052YERSINIA SELECTIVE AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10052*YERSINIA SELECTIVE AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10053WILKINS CHALGREN AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10054WURTZ LACTOSE AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10054*WURTZ LACTOSE AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10056X.L.D. AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10056*X.L.D. AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10057BILE AESCULIN AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10057*BILE AESCULIN AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10058STRYPTIC SOY AGAR Irradiated -30 mL-20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10059STRYPTIC SOY AGAR+NEUTRAL. Irradiated 30 mL20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10060BRAIN HEART INFUSION AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10060*BRAIN HEART INFUSION AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10061PSEUDOMONAS SELECTIVE AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10063SIERRA LIPOLYTIC AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10064CHRISTENSEN UREA AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10065SCHAEDLER KKV AGAR(Sheep Blood 5%)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10065*SCHAEDLER KKV AGAR (Sheep Blood 5%)100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10066MALT EXTRACT AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10067SCHAEDLER KVN AGAR (Sheep Blood 5%)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10069X.L.T. 4 AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10069*X.L.T. 4 Agar100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10074TRYPTIC SOY AGAR+NEUTRALIZING20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10074*TRYPTIC SOY AGAR+NEUTRALIZING100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10074STRYPTIC SOY AGAR+NEUTRALIZING Irradiated20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10075SSABOURAUD AGAR + NEUTRALIZING Irradiated20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10076STryptic Soy Agar Irradiated 18 mL20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10079CASITONE AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10080Haemophilus Test Agar20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10080*Haemophilus Test Agar100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10082HELICOBACTER PYLORI AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10083TRYPTIC SOY AGAR+TTC+CYSTEINE20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10084PLATE COUNT AGAR+ TTC20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10085Tryptic Soy Agar + 1% Penase + Neutralizing20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10085*Tryptic Soy Agar + 1% Penase + Neutralizing100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10085STryptic Soy Agar + 1% Penase + Neutralizing (Irradiated)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10086Tryptic Soy Agar + 0.1% Penase + Neutralizing20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10086STryptic Soy Agar + 0.1% Penase + Neutralizing (Irradiated)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10087TSA + BETA LATTAMASE II20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10088SSabouraud Dextrose Agar + 0.1% Penase + Neutralizing (Irradiated)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10089ORANGE SERUM AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10090M.R.S. AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10090*M.R.S. Agar100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10091M 17 AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10092TRYPTIC SOY AGAR LT 10020 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10097DICHLORAN ROSE BENGAL CAF AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10097*DICHLORAN ROSE BENGAL CAF AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10098Dichloran Glycerol (DG18) Agar20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10102STryptic Soy Agar + Lactamator 500 IU (Irradiated)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10103STryptic Soy Agar + Lactamator 1000 IU (Irradiated)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10104STryptic Soy Agar + Lactamator 500 IU + Neutralizing (Irradiated)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10105STryptic Soy Agar + Lactamator 1000 IU + Neutralizing (Irradiated)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10106STryptic Soy Agar + Penase + Cephalosporinase + Neutralizing (Irradiated)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10108SSabouraud Dextrose Agar + Lactamator 500 IU + Neutralizing (Irradiated)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10109SSabouraud CAF Agar + Penase + Cephalosporinase + Neutralizing (Irradiated)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10111STryptic Soy Agar + 0.1% Penase + Neutralizing (Irradiated) 30 mL20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10112STryptic Soy Agar + Lactamator 1000 IU + Neutralizing (Irradiated) 30 mL20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10114SSabouraud Dextrose Agar (Irradiated) 30 mL20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10115STryptic Soy Agar (Irradiated) 30 mL20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10116STryptic Soy Agar + Lactamator 500 IU (Irradiated) 30 mL20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10127LEGIONELLA MWY AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10127*Legionella MWY Agar100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10128LEGIONELLA AGAR (GVPC)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10128*LEGIONELLA AGAR (GVPC)100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10129MAC CONKEY MUG AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10129*MAC CONKEY AGAR MUG100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10130LEGIONELLA AGAR (C.Y.G.)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10131MUELLER HINTON II AGAR (Sheep Blood 5%)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10131*MUELLER HINTON II AGAR (Sheep Blood 5%)100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10132Mueller Hinton Fastidious Agar (Horse blood 5% + 20 mg/L beta-NAD)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10132*Mueller Hinton Fastidious Agar (Horse blood 5% + 20 mg/L beta-NAD)100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10133EUGON LT 100 AGAR (ELT 100)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10141SALMONELLA TEST AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10141*SALMONELLA TEST AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10142BLOOD AGAR (Sheep Blood 7%)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10142*BLOOD AGAR (Sheep Blood 7%)100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10143MUELLER HINTON AGAR + 5% HORSE BLOOD LYSED20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10145CAMPYLOBACTER KARMALI AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10146CAMPYLOBACTER PRESTON AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10148CAMPYLOBACTER AGAR (Sheep Blood 10%)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10223O.A. LISTERIA AGAR10 plate 140 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10235SABOURAUD CAF AGAR + GENTAMICIN20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10235*SABOURAUD CAF AGAR + GENTAMICIN100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10245BRUCELLA BLOOD AGAR w HEMIN AND VITAMIN K120 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10246CHROMATIC MH10 plate 140 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10334NEOMYCIN BLOOD AGAR (Sheep Blood 5%)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10334*NEOMYCIN BLOOD AGAR (Sheep Blood 5%)100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10335MUELLER HINTON CHOCOLATE AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10353BORDET GENGOU AGAR (Sheep Blood 15%)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10353*BORDET GENGOU AGAR (Sheep Blood 15%)100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10400YEAST MOLD AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10405SCHAEDLER CNA AGAR (Sheep Blood 5%)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10406AEROMONAS AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10407VANCOMYCIN SCREEN AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10408WILKINS CHALGREN AGAR +5% SHEEP BLOOD20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10409CAMPYLOBACTER CCDA AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10410MUELLER HINTON AGAR w VITALEX20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10411BILE ESCULIN AZIDE AGAR w VANCOMYCIN20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10412Legionella BCYE Agar w/o Cysteine20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10413XLD Agar EP, USP, JP Formulation20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10415SUGAR FREE AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10416MIDDLEBROOK 7H11 AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10417TERGITOL AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10418MALT AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10424Legionella BCYE Agar w Vancomycin + Colistin20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10425SCEDOSPORIUM SELECTIVE AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10426MARINE SALT AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10428Tergitol TTC Agar (ISO 9308-1)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10428*Tergitol TTC Agar (ISO 9308-1)100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10429m-CP Agar20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10430YSG Agar20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10430*YSG Agar100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10431Sabouraud CAF Agar 400 mg20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10432Tryptone Soy Yeast Extract Agar20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10433Milk Plate Count Agar20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10433*Milk Plate Count Agar100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10434Chocolate Agar w/ Trimethoprim, Clyndamycin, Amphotericin B20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10435Chocolate Agar w/ Cysteine, Sodium Sulfite, Amphotericin B20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10436Chocolate Agar w/ Streptomycin20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10437Sabouraud CAF Agar + Neutralizing20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10437*Sabouraud CAF Agar + Neutralizing100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10438MacConkey Agar No. 220 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10438*MacConkey Agar No. 2100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10441Sabouraud CAF Agar 50 mg20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10442Gelatin Peptone Agar20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10443*Mannitol Salt Agar modified100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10444Nutrient Agar ISTISAN20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10445Chocolate Agar w/ Bacitracin, Vancomycin, Clindamycin20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10446Bismuth Sulphite Agar ISO 6579-120 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10447Antibiotic Agar No. 120 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10448Legionella BCYE + AB Agar20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10448*Legionella BCYE + AB Agar100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10449Tryptose Sulfite Cycloserine Agar20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10450MacConkey Agar w/ Sorbitol and MUG20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10451Mannitol Salt Agar w/ Oxacillin20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10454*Mueller Hinton Agar w/ Colistin 1 mg/L100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10455*Mueller Hinton Agar w/ Colistin 3 mg/L100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10457D/E Neutralizing Agar20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10458Bifidobacterium Agar20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10521BAIRD PARKER AGAR + RPF20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10522TBX Agar20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10599CHROMATIC MRSA20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10601CHOCOLATE AGAR w/o VITOX20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10602CAMPYLOBACTER SKIRROW AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10603MAC CONKEY II AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10604Sabouraud Agar + Cycloheximide20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10620O.A. LISTERIA AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-10737TSA+BLII+LEC+POL80+GLY+ST Irradiated20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11023CHOCOLATE BACITRACIN AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11023*CHOCOLATE BACITRACIN AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11024COLUMBIA CNA AGAR (Sheep Blood 5%)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11024*COLUMBIA CNA AGAR (Sheep Blood 5%)100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11025COLUMBIA AGAR (Sheep Blood 5%)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11025*COLUMBIA AGAR (Sheep Blood 5%)100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11027DESOXYCHOLATE AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11027*DESOXYCHOLATE AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11030ANAEROBIC AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11033PSEUDOMONAS ISOLATION AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11033*PSEUDOMONAS ISOLATION AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11034PSEUDOMONAS CN AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11035SABOURAUD CAF AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11035*SABOURAUD CAF AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11035SSABOURAUD CAF AGAR Irradiated20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11037TRYPTIC SOY AGAR (Sheep Blood 5%)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11037*TRYPTIC SOY AGAR (Sheep Blood 5%)100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11038TRYPTIC SOY AGAR (Horse Blood 5%)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11038*TRYPTIC SOY AGAR (Horse Blood 5%)100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11040THAYER MARTIN AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11040*THAYER MARTIN AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11041AZIDE AGAR (Sheep Blood 5%)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11041*AZIDE AGAR (Sheep Blood 5% )100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11052DERMATOPHYTE (D.T.M.) AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11052*DERMATOPHYTE (D.T.M.) AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11053m-ENDO AGAR LES20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11053*m-ENDO AGAR LES100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11054GARDNERELLA AGAR (Sheep Blood 5%)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11054*GARDNERELLA AGAR (Sheep Blood 5%)100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11055O.G.Y.E. AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11055*O.G.Y.E. AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11057ENTEROCOCCO AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11057*ENTEROCOCCO AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11058SLANETZ BARTLEY AGAR(m-ENTEROCOCCUS)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11058*SLANETZ BARTLEY AGAR(m-ENTEROCOCCUS)100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11060CLOSTRIDIUM AGAR (Sheep Blood 5%)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11060*CLOSTRIDIUM AGAR (Sheep Blood 5%)100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11065SCHAEDLER K AGAR (Sheep Blood 5%)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11065*SCHAEDLER K AGAR (Sheep Blood 5%)100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11070MYCOSEL AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11070*MYCOSEL AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11071NUTRIENT SUCROSE AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11072KING\\\'s B MEDIUM20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11124COLUMBIA CNA MOD. AGAR (Sheep blood 5%)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11124*COLUMBIA CNA MOD. AGAR (Sheep blood 5%)100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11135SABOURAUD AGAR MODIFIED20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11135*SABOURAUD AGAR MODIFIED100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11137Tryptic Soy Agar + 5% Penase + Neutralizing20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11143HERELLEA AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11143*HERELLEA AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11183VIOLET RED BILE LACTOSE AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11183*VIOLET RED BILE LACTOSE AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11184VIOLET RED BILE GLUCOSE AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11185VOGEL JOHNSON AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11185*VOGEL JOHNSON AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11195TCBS AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11195*TCBS AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11196SPS AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11196*SPS AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11197CRYSTAL VIOLET MEDIUM20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11199POTATO DEXTROSE AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11199*POTATO DEXTROSE AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11200PAR TEST AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11200*PAR TEST AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11205MYCOPLASMA AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11206Mueller Hinton II Agar + 2% NaCl20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11210m-FAECAL COLIFORM AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11210*m-FAECAL COLIFORM AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11230Listeria Aesculin Agar20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11230*Listeria Aesculin Agar100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11235SABOURAUD CAF AGAR + TTC20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11235*SABOURAUD CAF AGAR + TTC100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11236Sabouraud CAF Agar + Actidione20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11250TINSDALE AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11250*TINSDALE AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11335SABOURAUD AGAR + GENTAMICIN20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11335*SABOURAUD AGAR + GENTAMICIN100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11355BIOTONE AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11356PURPLE GLUCOSE AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11501ENTEROCOCCUS AGAR w VANCOMYCIN20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11503MAC CONKEY AGAR w/o CRYSTAL VIOLET20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11505TRIPLE SUGAR IRON AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11507CORN MEAL AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11508MAC CONKEY AGAR w/o NaCl20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11509R.P.M.I. AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11512Nutrient Agar ISO 2152820 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11513Nutrient Agar ISO 657920 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11514Mac Conkey S-CT Agar E.coli O15720 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11515MARTIN LEWIS MODIFIED20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11517COLUMBIA AGAR(Sheep Blood 5%)+VANCOMYCIN20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11518MUELLER HINTON AGAR + CLOXACILLIN20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11610CHROMATIC E.COLI O15720 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11611CHROMATIC DETECTION20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11612CHROMATIC CANDIDA20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11613Chromatic Coli Coliform20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11614CHROMATIC SALMONELLA20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11616CHROMATIC STAPH AUREUS20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11617CHROMATIC STREPTO B20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11618CHROMATIC MH20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11619CHROMATIC CRE20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11621CHROMATIC VRE20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11622CHROMATIC ESBL20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11623Enterobacter (Cronobacter) sakazakii Isolation Agar20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11624*CHROMATIC ESBL V.C.100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11625*CHROMATIC ESBL V.E.100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11626*CHROMATIC ESBL V.100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11627CHROMATIC ENTEROCOCCUS20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11628CHROMATIC BACILLUS CEREUS20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11629CHROMATIC ESBL + AmpC20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11630Chromatic Coliform Agar ISO20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11631Chromatic OXA-4820 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11632Chromatic Clostridium difficile20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11633Chromatic Vibrio20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11635Chromatic Pseudomonas20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11636Chromatic Cronobacter Isolation Agar20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-11639Chromatic GBS20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-13012CLED/MACCONKEY/TSA BLOOD20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-13012*CLED/MACCONKEY/TSA BLOOD100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-13013BAIRD PARKER/BIGGY/MACCONKEY20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-13013*BAIRD PARKER/BIGGY/MACCONKEY100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-13014COLUMBIA CNA/CIOCCOLATO/THAYER MARTIN20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-13014*COLUMBIA CNA/CIOCCOLATO/THAYER MARTIN100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-13017CLED/MACCONKEY MUG/MALTO20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-13017*CLED/MACCONKEY MUG/MALTO100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-13018BROM CRESOL PURPLE/COLUMBIA CNA/M.CONKEY20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-13018*BROM CRESOL PURPLE/COLUMBIA CNA/M.CONKEY100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-13019CLED/MAC CONKEY/CETRIMIDE20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-13019*CLED/MACCONKEY/CETRIMIDE100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-13020MAC CONKEY/B.PARKER/TSA BLOOD20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-13345GARDNERELLA V./ROGOSA/THAYER MARTIN20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-13345*GARDNERELLA V./ROGOSA/THAYER MARTIN100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-13356Gard.V./Chocolate/Thayer Martin20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-13371BAIRD PARKER/MACCONKEY/SABOURAUD CAF20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-13371*BAIRD PARKER/MACCONKEY/SABOURAUD CAF100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-13480MACCONKEY/VOGEL JOHNSON/SABOURAUD20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-13480*MACCONKEY/VOGEL JOHNSON/SABOURAUD100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-13602SABOURAUD CAF/BAIRD PARKER/BILE ESCULINE20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-13602*SABOURAUD CAF/BAIRD PARKER/BILE ESCULINE100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-13607CHOC. BAC./COLUMBIA/MAC CONKEY20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-13607*CHOC. BAC./COLUMBIA/MAC CONKEY100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-13614CLED/MACCONKEY/ENTEROCOCCO20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-13614*CLED/MACCONKEY/ENTEROCOCCO100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15320D/E NEUTRALIZING + PENASE20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15323KSSABOURAUD AGAR + NEUTRALIZING (IRRADIATED)400 plates 55 mm IrradiatedLiofilchem
    LI-15323SSABOURAUD AGAR + NEUTRALIZING (IRRADIATED)20 plate 55 mm IrradiatedLiofilchem
    LI-15325PLATE COUNT AGAR20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15326VIOLET RED BILE LACTOSE AGAR20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15326LViolet Red Bile Lactose Agar20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15327SABOURAUD DEXTROSE AGAR20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15327SSabouraud dextrose agar Irradiated20 plate 55 mm IrradiatedLiofilchem
    LI-15328MANNITOL SALT AGAR20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15329MAC CONKEY AGAR20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15330Tryptic Soy Agar + 0,1% Penase + Neutralizing20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15330STryptic Soy Agar + 0.1% Penase + Neutralizing (Irradiated)20 plate 55 mm IrradiatedLiofilchem
    LI-15331BAIRD PARKER AGAR + NEUTRALIZING20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15332CETRIMIDE AGAR20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15333SSabouraud Dextrose Agar + 0.1% Penase + Neutralizing (Irradiated)20 plate 55 mm IrradiatedLiofilchem
    LI-15334Legionella BCYE Agar20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15336PLATE COUNT AGAR + NEUTRALIZING20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15336LPlate Count Agar + Neutralizing20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15336SPLATE COUNT AGAR + NEUTRALIZING Irradiated20 plate 55 mm IrradiatedLiofilchem
    LI-15339KSTRYPTIC SOY AGAR + NEUTRALIZING400 plates 55 mm IrradiatedLiofilchem
    LI-15339STRYPTIC SOY AGAR + NEUTRALIZING20 plate 55 mm IrradiatedLiofilchem
    LI-15340STRYPTIC SOY AGAR (IRRADIATED)20 plate 55 mm IrradiatedLiofilchem
    LI-15341STryptic Soy Agar + Lactamator 500 IU + Neutralizing (Irradiated)20 plate 55 mm IrradiatedLiofilchem
    LI-15343Tryptic Soy Agar + Penase +Cephalosporinase + Neutralizing20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15344Chromatic Coli Coliform20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15345SSabouraud Dextrose Agar + Lactamator 500 IU + Neutralizing (Irradiated)20 plate 55 mm IrradiatedLiofilchem
    LI-15346Chromatic Coliform Agar ISO20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15354R2A AGAR20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15357SMAXI CONTACT 84 TSA + INATTIVANTE10 plate 84 mm IrradiatedLiofilchem
    LI-15360PLATE COUNT AGAR+TTC+NEUTRALIZING20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15360LPlate Count Agar + TTC+ Neutralizing20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15361VIOLET RED BILE LACTOSE + NEUTRALIZING20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15362SLANETZ BARTLEY AGAR + NEUTRALIZING20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15363MICROBIAL CONTENT TEST AGAR + 1% PENASE20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15365SABOURAUD CAF AGAR + NEUTRALIZING20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15365SSABOURAUD CAF AGAR+NEUTRALIZING Irradiated20 plate 55 mm IrradiatedLiofilchem
    LI-15368m-FAECAL COLIFORM AGAR20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15374ROSE BENGAL AGAR + CAF20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15375VIOLET RED BILE GLUCOSE AGAR20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15375LViolet Red Bile Glucose Agar20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15376LEGIONELLA AGAR (GVPC)20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15380SSABOURAUD CAF AGAR Irradiated20 plate 55 mm IrradiatedLiofilchem
    LI-15382V.R.B.G.+ NEUTRALIZING20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15385Rose Bengal CAF Agar + Neutralizing20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15386Cetrimide Agar + Neutralizing20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15387Baird Parker Agar20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15582ENDO AGAR20 plate 55 mmLiofilchem
    LI-15739STRYPTIC SOY AGAR + NEUTRALIZING20 plate 55 mm IrradiatedLiofilchem
    LI-163362Legionella BCYE Agar20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163372IRON SULPHITE AGAR20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163382LEGIONELLA MWY AGAR20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163392LEGIONELLA AGAR (GVPC)20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163402SABOURAUD DEXTROSE AGAR20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163412MYCOSEL AGAR20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163422MALT EXTRACT AGAR20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163432m-ENDO AGAR LES20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163442m-FAECAL COLIFORM AGAR20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163452PLATE COUNT AGAR20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163462SLANETZ BARTLEY AGAR (m-ENTEROCOCCUS A.)20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163472CETRIMIDE AGAR20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163482STREPTOCOCCAL KF + TTC AGAR20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163492TERGITOL + TTC AGAR20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163502PSEUDOMONAS ISOLATION AGAR20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163512BAIRD PARKER AGAR20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163522SPS AGAR20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163542MAC CONKEY AGAR20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163562TERGITOL AGAR20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163572BILE AESCULIN AZIDE AGAR20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163582YEAST EXTRACT AGAR20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163592PSEUDOMONAS CN AGAR20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163612m-CP AGAR20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163622AEROMONAS AGAR20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163642M-GREEN YEAST AND MOLD20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163642LM-Green Yeast And Mold20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163652TBX Agar20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163662CHROMATIC SALMONELLA20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163672R2A AGAR (Harm.EP)20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163682TRYPTIC SOY AGAR20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163692CHROMATIC CANDIDA20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163702Chromatic Coli Coliform20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163712WL NUTRIENT AGAR20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163722CHROMATIC EC X-GLUC AGAR20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163732ORANGE SERUM AGAR20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163742TRYPTONE GLUCOSE EXTRACT AGAR + TTC20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163792CRYSTAL VIOLET MEDIUM20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163802WORT AGAR20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163812M-GREEN YEAST & MOLD AGAR + CAF20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163822WL DIFFERENTIAL AGAR20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163832MRS Agar20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163842M-Green Yeast And Mold Agar pH modified20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163842LM-Green Yeast And Mold Agar pH modified20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163852Chromatic Coliform Agar ISO20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163862C - EC MF Agar20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-163872Tryptose Sulfite Cycloserine Agar20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-165312MYCOPLASMA AGAR20 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-173402Sabouraud Dextrose Agar450 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-173682Tryptic Soy Agar450 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-173852Chromatic Coliform Agar ISO450 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-173922Yeast Glucose Chloramphenicol Agar450 plate 60 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18007CHROMATIC STAPH AUREUS/ MRSA20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18008TSA BLOOD/CHROMATIC DETECTION20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18008*TSA BLOOD/CHROMATIC DETECTION100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18009Chromatic Salmonella/Hektoen Enteric20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18011CHROMATIC DETECTION/ ESBL20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18012BRILLIANT GREEN / SS AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18012*BRILLIANT GREEN / SS AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18015BIGGY (NICKERSON) / MALT AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18015*BIGGY (NICKERSON) / MALT AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18018MAC CONKEY/ SABOURAUD CAF20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18019MacConkey/ Leifson20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18020EMB LEVINE / TSA BLOOD20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18020*EMB LEVINE / TSA BLOOD100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18021Chromatic CRE / Chromatic ESBL20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18021*Chromatic CRE / Chromatic ESBL100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18023Chromatic CRE / Chromatic OXA-4820 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18024MSA / Chromatic MRSA20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18025Schaedler K / Schaedler KKV20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18029Sabouraud Agar Modified / Chromatic Candida20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18327COLUMBIA CNA / MAC CONKEY20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18327*COLUMBIA CNA / MAC CONKEY100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18379GARDNERELLA V. / THAYER MARTIN20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18379*GARDNERELLA V. / THAYER MARTIN100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18380MacConkey / TSA Blood20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18380*MAC CONKEY / TSA BLOOD100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18390BAIRD PARKER / SABOURAUD CAF20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18390*BAIRD PARKER / SABOURAUD CAF100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18391HEKTOEN ENTERIC / YERSINIA20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18391*HEKTOEN ENTERIC / YERSINIA100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18422COLUMBIA CNA / GARDNERELLA20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18422*COLUMBIA CNA / GARDNERELLA100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18500BAIRD PARKER / MAC CONKEY20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18500*BAIRD PARKER / MAC CONKEY100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18502CLED / MAC CONKEY20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18502*CLED / MAC CONKEY100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18503HEKTOEN ENTERIC / S.S.20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18503*HEKTOEN ENTERIC / SS100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18505MAC CONKEY / S.S.AGAR20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18505*MAC CONKEY / S.S.AGAR100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18507COLUMBIA CNA / CHOCOLATE20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18507*COLUMBIA CNA / CHOCOLATE100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18595DTM / SABOURAUD20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18595*DTM / SABOURAUD100 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18701TSA II +5% Sheep Blood/MacConkey MUG20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18702CDC ANAEROBIC AGAR /CDC wKANAMYCIN-VANCOMYC20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-18703CHOCOLATE AGAR /THAYER MARTIN20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-20071Maximum Recovery Diluent20 tube x 9 mLLiofilchem
    LI-20074MIDDLEBROOK 7H9 BROTHLiofilchem
    LI-20075MAC CONKEY BROTH(7516MC2)20 tubes x 5 mLLiofilchem
    LI-20076DEY ENGLEY NEUTRALIZING B20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-20079Physiological Solution20 tubes x 4,5 mLLiofilchem
    LI-20081INOCULUM SOLUTION 5 ML20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-20089SUSPENSION BROTH 5 ML20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-20090HELICOBACTER PYLORI TEST20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-20095Physiological Solution20 vials x 7 mLLiofilchem
    LI-20097DISTILLED WATER20 tubes x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-20102BRILLIANT GREEN BILE BROTH 2%10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-20105GLUCOSE BROTH10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-20106LACTOSE BROTH10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-20114AZIDE DEXTROSE BROTH10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-20121INOCULUM BROTH 7 ML20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-20122E.C. BROTH10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-20123INOCULUM BROTH 2 7 MLLiofilchem
    LI-20126MAC CONKEY BROTH10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-20129Tryptic Soy Broth 15 ml10 tubes x 15 mLLiofilchem
    LI-20131/9LISTERIA FRASER BROTH10 tube x 9 mlLiofilchem
    LI-20140PURPLE LACTOSE BROTH10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-20155SPECIAL TRIPETTE BROTH 9 ml20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-20156SUSPENSION MEDIUM 7 ML20 vials x 7 mLLiofilchem
    LI-20157SWAB SOLUTION SKELETON20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-20160SWAB SOLUTION SURFACES 5 ml20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-20171Thioglycollate Medium w Vit.K1 & Hemin10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-20196Physiological Solution20 tube x 9 mLLiofilchem
    LI-20197Physiological Solution20 tubes x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-20199STERI TEST MEDIUM20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-20200STERI TEST VHP MEDIUM (1% Pyr)20 x 4 mLLiofilchem
    LI-20340VAGITUBE20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-21097Distilled Water10 tube x 9 mlLiofilchem
    LI-21106LACTOSE BROTH (Double Concentration)10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-21114AZIDE DEXTROSE BROTH (D.C.)10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-21115TRYPTIC SOY BROTH w PHENOL RED10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-21241Fluid Thioglycollate Medium10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-21453LAURYL SULPHATE TRYPTOSE BROTH (LST)10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-21455LAURYL SULPHATE TRYPTOSE BROTH (LST) with MUG10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-21457LAURYL SULPHATE TRYPTOSE BROTH (LST) w MUG 9 mL10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-22130SCHAEDLER BROTH10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-23002MUELLER HINTON BROTH w HORSE BLOOD (11ml)10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-24070MYCOSEL BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24071COOKED MEAT MEDIUM20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24073TRYPTOPHAN BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24074MIDDLEBROOK 7H9 BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24082BUFFERED PHYSIOLOGICAL SOLUTION20 tubes x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-24091Haemophilus Test Broth20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24093TRYPTIC SOY BROTH LT 10020 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24094EUGON BROTH LT 10020 tubes x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-240949EUGON BROTH LT 10020 tube x 9 mLLiofilchem
    LI-24096EE Broth-Mossel20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24098PEPTONE WATER20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24099BUFFERED PEPTONE WATER20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24100ALKALINE PEPTONE WATER20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24101E.V.A. BROTH (ETHYL VIOLET AZIDE)20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24102BRILLIANT GREEN BILE BROTH 2%20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24103NUTRIENT BROTH20 tubes x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-24104BRAIN HEART INFUSION BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24105GLUCOSE BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24107MUELLER HINTON II BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24108MULLER KAUFFMANN BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24109SABOURAUD BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24110SELENITE BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24111TODD HEWITT BROTH20 tubes x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-24112TRYPTOSE BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24113A1 Medium20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24114AZIDE DEXTROSE BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24115TRICHOMONAS BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24116TRYPTIC SOY BROTH w 1% PENASE20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24117PERGOLA BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24119GN HAJNA BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24120BILE AESCULIN BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24122E.C. BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24124Fluid Thioglycollate Medium20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24125SERUM BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24126MAC CONKEY BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24127Fluid Thioglycollate Medium + 1% Tween 8020 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24128TRYPTIC SOY BROTH + TWEEN 80 1%20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24130E.COLI TEST BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24131LISTERIA FRASER BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24136TRYPTONE WATER20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24137MALONATE BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24139LYSINE DECARBOXYLASE BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24140PURPLE LACTOSE BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24141BRAIN HEART INFUSION BROTH20 tube x 2 mLLiofilchem
    LI-24142Physiological Solution20 tube x 3 mLLiofilchem
    LI-24143Selenite Broth20 tubes x 5 mLLiofilchem
    LI-24144TODD HEWITT w Gentam/Nalidixic acid20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24145TODD HEWITT B. w Colistin/Nalid.a.20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24149MR-VP MEDIUM20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24151PURPLE GLUCOSE AGAR20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24153NUTRIENT GELATIN20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24154ACETAMIDE BROTH 5 mL20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24170LETHEEN BROTH 9 ml20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24199BUFFERED PEPTONE WATER20 tube x 9 mLLiofilchem
    LI-24202RESTORING BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24226MAC CONKEY BROTH singled strength20 tubes x 5 mLLiofilchem
    LI-24241Fluid Thioglycollate Medium20 tubes x 20 mLLiofilchem
    LI-24242Fluid Thioglycollate Medium20 tubes x 15 mLLiofilchem
    LI-24342MOTILITY TEST MEDIUM20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24343MIU Semisolid Agar20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24345O.F. MEDIUM WITH GLUCOSE20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24403BIOTONE BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24404CAMPYLOBACTER BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24411S.F. BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24412STREPTOCOCCUS BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24413MOSSEL AND MARTIN w MANNITOL20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24414AZIDE DEXTROSE BROTH (D.C.)20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24416UREA BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24417WILKINS BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24418BRUCELLA BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24430SCHAEDLER BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24431Yersinia ITC Broth20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24432YERSINIA BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24433EUGON BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24435LISTERIA U.V.M. BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24436MIDDLEBROOK 7H9 BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24440SULFATE REDUCERS BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24445TRYPTIC SOY BROTH w 15% GLYCEROL20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24446PHENOL RED BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24447TRYPTIC SOY BROTH w 5% PENASE20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24450RAPPAPORT BROTH w/o SOY20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24451TETRATHIONATE BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24456TRYPTOSE SULPHITE AGAR20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24457LAURYL SULPHATE TRYPTOSE BROTH (LST) w MUG 9 mL20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24459CASO BROTH (Double Concentration)20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24460TRYPTIC SOY BROTH + 0.3% LECITHIN + 2% TWEEN 8020 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24461RPMI Broth20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24463Buffered Peptone Water (Double Concentration)20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24464Tryptone Soy Yeast Extract Broth20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24466Mineral Modified Glutamate Medium20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24467Mineral Modified Glutamate Medium (Double Concentration)20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24468Lactose Sulfite Broth20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24469Tryptic Soy Broth20 tube x 9 mLLiofilchem
    LI-24471Listeria Motility Medium20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24472Motility Nitrate CP Medium20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24473A1 Medium20 tube x 9 mLLiofilchem
    LI-24479SIM Medium20 tube x 9 mLLiofilchem
    LI-24480Brain Heart Infusion Broth20 tube x 9 mLLiofilchem
    LI-24481Lauryl Sulphate Tryptose Broth20 tube x 9 mLLiofilchem
    LI-24482Glucose OF Medium ISO 2152820 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24483Cronobacter Selective Broth20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24484Preston Broth ISO 1027220 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24485Selenite Cystine Broth ISO 657920 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24510SELENITE CYSTINE BROTH20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-24513Tryptic Soy Broth20 tubes x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-25004TOTAL COLIFORMS IN WATER5 tubes x 10 mL 1 bottle x 50 mLLiofilchem
    LI-25314KIT STREPTO FECALI NELLE ACQUE5 tubes x 10 mL 1 bottle x 50 mLLiofilchem
    LI-254094GARDNERELLA AGAR (5% S. Umano)20 plate 90 mmLiofilchem
    LI-26071Maximum Recovery Diluent100 tubes x 9 mLLiofilchem
    LI-26073TRYPTOPHAN BROTH100 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-26074YEAST EXTRACT AGAR100 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-260949EUGON BROTH LT 100100 tubes x 9 mLLiofilchem
    LI-26095Sim Medium100 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-26102BRILLIANT GREEN BILE BROTH 2%100 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-26105Glucose broth100 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-26110Selenite Broth100 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-26114AZIDE DEXTROSE BROTH100 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-26122E.C. BROTH100 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-26124Fluid Thioglycollate Medium100 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-26131LISTERIA FRASER BROTH100 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-26154ACETAMIDE BROTH100 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-26196Physiological Solution100 tubes x 9 mLLiofilchem
    LI-26199BUFFERED PEPTONE WATER100 tubes x 9 mLLiofilchem
    LI-26342Motility Test Medium100 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-26400RAPPAPORT VASSILIADIS BROTH100 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-26414AZIDE DEXTROSE BROTH (D.C.)100 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-26453LAURYL SULPHATE TRYPTOSE BROTH (LST)100 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-26455LAURYL SULPHATE TRYPTOSE BROTH (LST) with MUG100 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-26456TRYPTOSE SULPHITE AGAR100 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-26457LAURYL SULPHATE TRYPTOSE BROTH (LST) w MUG 9 mL100 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-26458Maximum Recovery Diluent with Cystein100 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-26466Mineral Modified Glutamate Medium100 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-26467Mineral Modified Glutamate Medium (Double Concentration)100 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-26470Buffered NaCl Peptone Solution modified pH 7.0 + NT100 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-26473Glucose Yeast Extract Agar100 tubes x 20 mLLiofilchem
    LI-26474Tryptone Glucose Broth100 tubes x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-26475Tryptic Soy Agar100 tubes x 20 mLLiofilchem
    LI-26476Malt Extract Agar100 tubes x 20 mLLiofilchem
    LI-26477Amos Kont Jones Medium100 tubes x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-26478MSRV Agar (semisolid)100 tubes x 20 mLLiofilchem
    LI-26486Alkaline Saline Peptone Water ISO100 tubes x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-26487Dextrose Tryptone Broth100 tubes x 9 mLLiofilchem
    LI-26513Tryptic Soy Broth100 tubes x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-27002Tryptic Soy Broth + 15% Glycerol20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-27500Tryptic Soy Broth50 x 5 mLLiofilchem
    LI-27501Todd Hewitt Broth50 x 5 mLLiofilchem
    LI-27502Brain Heart Infusion broth50 x 5 mLLiofilchem
    LI-27503Nutrient Broth50 x 5 mLLiofilchem
    LI-29000CHECK-SET BROTH Irradiated20 testLiofilchem
    LI-29001CHECK-SET BROTH BRAIN HEART BROTH 20x8ml20 X 8 mLLiofilchem
    LI-30008CLOSTRIDIUM AGAR (Sheep Blood 5%)10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30009HELICOBACTER PYLORI AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30010STREPTOCOCCAL KF + TTC AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30011SIMMONS CITRATE AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30013NITRATI AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30022TCBS AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30023SABOURAUD CAF AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30024SABOURAUD CAF + ACTIDIONE AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30030M.R.S. AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30040M 17 AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30080BORDET GENGOU AGAR (Sheep Blood 15%)10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30081CHRISTENSEN UREA AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30082TRYPTIC SOY AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30083Nutrient Agar ISO 1626610 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30084BRAIN HEART INFUSION AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30085PHENYLALANINE AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30087KLIGLER IRON AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30088KLIGLER IRON AGAR + NaCl 2%10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30089KLIGLER IRON AGAR (Butt=5cmm/Slope=6cm)10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30090MUELLER HINTON II AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30091BIGGY (NICKERSON) AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30092POTATO DEXTROSE AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30093SABOURAUD DEXTROSE AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30095SIM MEDIUM10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30096T.S.I. AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30097TRYPTOSE AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30098LYSINE IRON AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30099CHOCOLATE AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30100TRIPLE SUGAR IRON AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30101Nutrient Agar ISO 657910 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30103Nutrient Agar ISO 657920 tube x 9 mLLiofilchem
    LI-30116LOEFFLER MEDIUM10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30117PERGOLA MEDIUM10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30118Lowenstein Jensen Medium10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30119Lowenstein Jensen Medium w/o Glycerol10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30125DORSET EGG MEDIUM10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-30181Christensen Urea Agar10 tubes x 15 mLLiofilchem
    LI-30183Nutrient Agar10 x 10 mlLiofilchem
    LI-30196Triple Sugar Iron Agar10 tubes x 15 mLLiofilchem
    LI-30294LDH LQ N CFLiofilchem
    LI-30368MIDDLEBROOK 7H10 AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-31023SABOURAUD CAF AGAR20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-31024SABOURAUD CAF + ACTIDIONE AGAR20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-31102YEAST EXTRACT AGAR20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-31118Lowenstein Jensen Medium20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-31151Purple Glucose Agar20 tubes x 15 mLLiofilchem
    LI-31201Tryptone Sulfite Neomycin Agar20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-31202King\\\'s B Medium20 x 5 mLLiofilchem
    LI-31203King\\\'s A Medium20 x 5 mLLiofilchem
    LI-31204MIU Agar20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-33040THAYER MARTIN AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-33055MYCOSEL AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-33060SERUM TELLURITE AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-33065SPS AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-33066O.N.P.G. AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-33070PLATE COUNT AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-33085BILE AESCULIN AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-33086DERMATHOPHYTE (D.T.M.) AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-33087LISTERIA PALCAM AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-33118I.U.T.M. MEDIUM10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-33120PETRAGNANI MEDIUM10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34070CAMPYLOBACTER AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34071CYSTINE TRYPTIC AGAR (CTA)10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34073PLATE COUNT AGAR10 tubes x 22 mLLiofilchem
    LI-34074YEAST EXTRACT AGAR20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-34075MUELLER HINTON II AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34076VIOLET RED BILE LACTOSE AGAR10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34094Gelatin Peptone Agar10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34121Lowenstein Jensen + Rifampicin 15ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34121/1Lowenstein Jensen + Rifampicin 5ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34121/2Lowenstein Jensen + Rifampicin 10ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34121/3Lowenstein Jensen + Rifampicin 25ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34121/4Lowenstein Jensen + Rifampicin 50ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34121/5Lowenstein Jensen + Rifampicin 40ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34121/6Lowenstein Jensen + Rifampicin 20ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34122Lowenstein Jensen + Rifapentin 9ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34123Lowenstein Jensen + Isoniazid 0.1ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34123/1Lowenstein Jensen + Isoniazid 0.2ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34123/2Lowenstein Jensen + Isoniazid 1ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34123/3Lowenstein Jensen + Isoniazid 5ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34123/4Lowenstein Jensen + Isoniazid 10ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34124/1Lowenstein Jensen + Pyrazinamide 5ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34124/2Lowenstein Jensen + Pyrazinamide 15ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34124/3Lowenstein Jensen + Pyrazinamide 20ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34124/4Lowenstein Jensen + Pyrazinamide 200ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34125/1Lowenstein Jensen + Streptomycin 4ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34125/2Lowenstein Jensen + Streptomycin 10ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34125/3Lowenstein Jensen + Streptomycin 25ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34125/4Lowenstein Jensen + Streptomycin 2ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34125/5Lowenstein Jensen + Streptomycin 50ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34126/1Lowenstein Jensen + Ethambutol 2ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34126/2Lowenstein Jensen + Ethambutol 4ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34126/3Lowenstein Jensen + Ethambutol 5ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34126/4Lowenstein Jensen + Ethambutol 1ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34126/5Lowenstein Jensen + Ethambutol 3ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34126/6Lowenstein Jensen + Ethambutol 10ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34127Lowenstein Jensen + Amikacin 5ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34127/1Lowenstein Jensen + Amikacin 40ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34128/1Lowenstein Jensen + Ofloxacin 5ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34128/2Lowenstein Jensen + Ofloxacin 10ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34128/3Lowenstein Jensen + Ofloxacin 25ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34128/4Lowenstein Jensen + Ofloxacin 2ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34128/5Lowenstein Jensen + Ofloxacin 20ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34129/1Lowenstein Jensen + PAS 1ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34129/2Lowenstein Jensen + PAS 10ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34129/3Lowenstein Jensen + PAS 0.5ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34129/4Lowenstein Jensen + PAS 0.1ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34129/5Lowenstein Jensen + PAS 5ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34130/1Lowenstein Jensen + Rifabutin 10ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34130/2Lowenstein Jensen + Rifabutin 30ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34130/3Lowenstein Jensen + Rifabutin 50ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34131/1Lowenstein Jensen + Clarithromycin 4ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34131/2Lowenstein Jensen + Clarithromycin 32ug/ml CE10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34132/1Lowenstein Jensen + Ethionamide 10ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34132/2Lowenstein Jensen + Ethionamide 20ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34132/3Lowenstein Jensen + Ethionamide 30ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34132/4Lowenstein Jensen + Ethionamide 40ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34135/1Lowenstein Jensen + Nicotinamide 10ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34135/2Lowenstein Jensen + Nicotinamide 20 ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34135/3LOWENSTEIN JENSEN + NICOTINAMIDE 30ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34136Lowenstein Jensen + Pefloxacin 2ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34137/1Lowenstein Jensen + Cycloserine 30ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34137/2Lowenstein Jensen + Cycloserine 10ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34137/3Lowenstein Jensen + Cycloserine 20ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34137/4Lowenstein Jensen + Cycloserine 40ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34137/5Lowenstein Jensen + Cycloserine 50ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34138/1Lowenstein Jensen + Capreomycin 10ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34138/2Lowenstein Jensen + Capreomycin 40ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34138/3Lowenstein Jensen + Capreomycin 20ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34138/4Lowenstein Jensen + Capreomycin 30ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34139/1Lowenstein Jensen + Clofazimine 5ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34139/2Lowenstein Jensen + Clofazimine 10ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34143/1Lowenstein Jensen + Kanamycin 10ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34143/2Lowenstein Jensen + Kanamycin 20ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34143/3Lowenstein Jensen + Kanamycin 30ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34144Lowenstein Jensen + Pyruvate 0.2%10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34145Lowenstein Jensen + PACT10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-34146/1Lowenstein Jensen + Levofloxacin 2ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-35000Lowenstein Jensen Medium10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-35001Lowenstein Jensen + Isoniazid 0.20ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-35002Lowenstein Jensen + Isoniazid 1 ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-35010Lowenstein Jensen + Rifampicin 40ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-35011Lowenstein Jensen + Rifampicin 20ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-35020Lowenstein Jensen + Streptomycin 4ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-35021Lowenstein Jensen + Streptomycin 10ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-35030Lowenstein Jensen + Ethambutol 2ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-35040Lowenstein Jensen + Ethionamide 20ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-35041Lowenstein Jensen + Ethionamide 30ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-35050Lowenstein Jensen + Pyrazinamide 1ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-35060Lowenstein Jensen + Kanamycin 20ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-35061Lowenstein Jensen + Kanamycin 30ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-35070Lowenstein Jensen + PAS 1ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-35071Lowenstein Jensen + PAS 0.5ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-35080Lowenstein Jensen + Ofloxacin 2ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-35090Lowenstein Jensen + Capreomycin 30ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-35147Lowenstein Jensen + PNB 500 ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-35148Lowenstein Jensen + TCH 2 ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36001/1IUTM + STREPTOMYCIN 2ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36001/2IUTM + STREPTOMYCIN 4ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36001/3IUTM + STREPTOMYCIN 10ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36001/4IUTM + STREPTOMYCIN 25ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36001/5IUTM + STREPTOMYCIN 50ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36002/1IUTM + ISONIAZID 0.1ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36002/2IUTM + ISONIAZID 0.2ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36002/3IUTM + ISONIAZID 1 ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36002/4IUTM + ISONIAZID 5ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36002/5IUTM + ISONIAZID 10ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36003/1IUTM + ETHAMBUTOL 1ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36003/2IUTM + ETHAMBUTOL 2ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36003/3IUTM + ETHAMBUTOL 3ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36003/4IUTM + ETHAMBUTOL 5ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36003/5IUTM + ETHAMBUTOL 10ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36004/1IUTM + RIFAMPICIN 5ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36004/2IUTM + RIFAMPICIN 10ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36004/3IUTM + RIFAMPICIN 20ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36004/4IUTM + RIFAMPICIN 40ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36004/5IUTM + RIFAMPICIN 50ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36005/1IUTM + RIFABUTIN 10ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36005/2IUTM + RIFABUTIN 20ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36005/3IUTM + RIFABUTIN 30ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36005/4IUTM + RIFABUTIN 40ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36005/5IUTM + RIFABUTIN 50ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36006/1IUTM + CYCLOSERINE 10ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36006/2IUTM + CYCLOSERINE 20ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36006/3IUTM + CYCLOSERINE 30ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36006/4IUTM + CYCLOSERINE 40ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36006/5IUTM + CYCLOSERINE 50ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36007/1IUTM + OFLOXACIN 1.25ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36007/2IUTM + OFLOXACIN 2.5ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36007/3IUTM + OFLOXACIN 10ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36007/4IUTM + OFLOXACIN 25ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36007/5IUTM + OFLOXACIN 50ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36008/1IUTM + PAS 0.1ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36008/2IUTM + PAS 0.5ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36008/3IUTM + PAS 1ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36008/4IUTM + PAS 5ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36008/5IUTM + PAS 10ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36009/1IUTM + PYRAZINAMIDE 10ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36009/2IUTM + PYRAZINAMIDE 30ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36009/3IUTM + PYRAZINAMIDE 50ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36009/4IUTM + PYRAZINAMIDE 70ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-36009/5IUTM + PYRAZINAMIDE 90ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-37000MIDDLEBROOK 7H1110 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-37001MIDDLEBROOK 7H11 + AMIKACIN 2ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-37002MIDDLEBROOK 7H11 + AMIKACIN 4ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-37006MIDDLEBROOK 7H11 + ETHAMBUTOL 7.5ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-37011MIDDLEBROOK 7H11 + ETHIONAMIDE 10ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-37016MIDDLEBROOK 7H11 + ISONIAZIDE 0.2ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-37017MIDDLEBROOK 7H11 + ISONIAZIDE 1ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-37021MIDDLEBROOK 7H11 + KANAMYCIN 6ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-37026MIDDLEBROOK 7H11 + PAS 8ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-37031MIDDLEBROOK 7H11 + PYRAZINAMIDE 25ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-37036MIDDLEBROOK 7H11 + RIFABUTIN 1ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-37037MIDDLEBROOK 7H11 + RIFABUTIN 0.5ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-37041MIDDLEBROOK 7H11 + RIFAMPICIN 1ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-37046MIDDLEBROOK 7H11 + STREPTOMYCIN 2ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-37051MIDDLEBROOK 7H11 + OFLOXACIN 2ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-37056MIDDLEBROOK 7H11 + CYCLOSERINE 30ug/ml10 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-400020Fluid Thioglycollate Medium (flip-off cap)6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-400030Tryptic Soy Broth EP, USP (flip-off cap)6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-400040BUFFERED PEPTONE WATER EP, USP6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-400110Fluid A (flip-off cap)6 bottles x 300 mL (capacity 500 mL)Liofilchem
    LI-400140BUFFERED PEPTONE WATER EP, USP6 bottles x 300 mL (capacity 500 mL)Liofilchem
    LI-400170Fluid D (flip-off cap)6 bottles x 300 mL (capacity 500 mL)Liofilchem
    LI-400210FLUID A6 bottles x 1000 mLLiofilchem
    LI-400210SFLUID A Irradiated6 bottles x 1000 mLLiofilchem
    LI-400230TRYPTIC SOY BROTH EP, USP6 bottles x 1000 mLLiofilchem
    LI-400240BUFFERED PEPTONE WATER EP, USP6 bottles x 1000 mLLiofilchem
    LI-400260BOLTON BROTH6 bottles x 1000 mLLiofilchem
    LI-400270Tryptic Soy Broth + 1% Tween 806 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-400290Sterile Distilled Water6 bottles x 1000 mLLiofilchem
    LI-400300Sterile Distilled Water6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-400310Buffered NaCl Peptone Solution pH 7.0 + N (flip-off cap)6 bottles x 1000 mLLiofilchem
    LI-400320PBS pH 7.4 w/ Triton X 100 1.5% (flip-off cap)6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-401870PEPTONE NEUTRALIZING SOLUTION6 bottle x 45 mLLiofilchem
    LI-401880TRYPTIC SOY BROTH LT 1006 bottle x 45 mLLiofilchem
    LI-401890BUFFER SOLUTION pH 76 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-401930SPS AGAR6 bottle x 150 mLLiofilchem
    LI-401940PLATE COUNT AGAR6 bottle x 150 mLLiofilchem
    LI-401950MILK AGAR6 bottle x 150 mLLiofilchem
    LI-401960GELISATO AGAR6 bottle x 150 mLLiofilchem
    LI-401980TRYPTONE WATER6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-401990ALKALINE PEPTONE WATER6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402000NUTRIENT BROTH6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402020MUELLER HINTON II BROTH6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402030MULLER KAUFFMANN BROTH6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402040SABOURAUD DEXTROSE BROTH6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402050SELENITE BROTH6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402070TRYPTOSE BROTH6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402090LACTOSE BROTH6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402110M 17 AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402120M.R.S. AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402130PEPTONE WATER6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402140BLOOD AGAR BASE6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402150STREPTOCOCCAL KF AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402160MRS Agar pH 56 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402170AZIDE BLOOD AGAR BASE6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402180CLED AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402190Nutrient Agar ISO 162666 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402200DERMATHOPHYTE (D.T.M.) AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402210COLUMBIA CNA AGAR BASE6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402220DRIGALSKI LACTOSE AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402230HEKTOEN ENTERIC AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402240MAC CONKEY AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402250MUELLER HINTON II AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402260PLATE COUNT AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402270CETRIMIDE AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402280SABOURAUD DEXTROSE AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402290MANNITOL SALT AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402300S.S. AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402320TRYPTOSE AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402330BRILLIANT GREEN AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402340DESOXYCHOLATE AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402350E.M.B. LEVINE AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402360SALMONELLA RAPID TEST6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402370SABOURAUD CAF AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402380BRAIN HEART INFUSION AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402390SELENITE CYSTINE BROTH6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402400EUGON BROTH LT 1006 bottle x 45 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402410Buffered NaCl Peptone Solution pH 7.06 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402430PEPTONE DILUITIONS6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402450MAC CONKEY SORBITOL AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402460VIOLET RED BILE AGAR LACTOSE6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402470MALT EXTRACT AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402480EE Broth-Mossel (screw cap)6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402490MAC CONKEY BROTH6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402500Fluid Thioglycollate Medium + 1% Tween 806 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402520TRIBUTYRIN AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402530PEPTONE WATER (Perforable)6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402540VIOLET RED BILE GLUCOSE AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402550RAPPAPORT VASSILIADIS SOY(RSV)BROTH6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402560BRILLIANT GREEN BILE BROTH 2%6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402570X.L.D. AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402580R2A AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402590Maximum Recovery Diluent6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402600LEGIONELLA BCYE AGAR BASE6 bottle x 90 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402610YSG Broth6 bottle x 90 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402620Buffered NaCl Peptone Solution pH 7.0 + N6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402630Buffered NaCl Peptone Solution pH 7.0 + NT6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402660Maximum Recovery Diluent6 bottle x 90 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402700TRYPTOSE SULFITE CYCLOSERINE A.B.6 bottle x 90 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402710BACILLUS CEREUS AGAR BASE6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-402720Tryptose Sulfite Cycloserine Agar Base6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-403010ENDO AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-403020m-FC AGAR + ROSOLIC ACID6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-403030BIOTONE BROTH6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-403050S.I.M. MEDIUM6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-403060UREA INDOLE BROTH6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-403070SPECIAL TRIPETTE BROTH6 bottle x 90 mLLiofilchem
    LI-403090Yeast Glucose Chloramphenicol Agar6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-403100TERGITOL AGAR BASE6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-403110MULLER KAUFFMANN TETRATIONATE NOV.B_MKTTn6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-403120Yeast Extract Agar6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-403140TCBS Agar6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-403170OGYE Agar6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-403180Iron Sulphite Agar6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-403400EUGON BROTH LT 100 (90/125)6 bottles x 90 mL (capacity 125 mL)Liofilchem
    LI-403500TRYPTIC SOY BROTH + LECITHIN + TWEEN 806 bottle x 90 mLLiofilchem
    LI-403600LPT Diluent Broth6 bottles x 90 mL (capacity 125 mL)Liofilchem
    LI-403700MPC-1 Medium6 bottles x 25 mL (capacity 125 mL)Liofilchem
    LI-403800Blaurock semi-liquid modified hepatic Medium6 bottles x 25 mL (capacity 125 mL)Liofilchem
    LI-412010BRAIN HEART INFUSION BROTH6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412030SIMMONS CITRATE AGAR6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412040LYSINE IRON AGAR6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412050SELENITE BROTH6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412060TODD HEWITT BROTH6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412070LISTERIA SELECTIVE BROTH6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412080TRICHOMONAS BROTH6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412090BUFFERED PEPTONE WATER6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412100CHRISTENSEN UREA AGAR6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412110Tryptic Soy Broth + 1% Tween 806 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412120YEAST EXTRACT AGAR6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412130PSEUDOMONAS AGAR BASE6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412150AZIDE BLOOD AGAR BASE6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412170PHENYLALANINE AGAR6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412180CLED AGAR6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412190Nutrient Agar ISO 162666 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412210COLUMBIA CNA AGAR BASE6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412230HEKTOEN ENTERIC AGAR6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412240MAC CONKEY AGAR6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412250MUELLER HINTON II AGAR6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412260PLATE COUNT AGAR6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412270CETRIMIDE AGAR6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412280SABOURAUD DEXTROSE AGAR6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412290MANNITOL SALT AGAR6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412300S.S. AGAR6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412310M.S.R.V. AGAR6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412320MRS AGAR6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412340M 17 AGAR6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412350Kanamycin Aesculin Azide Agar6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412370SABOURAUD CAF AGAR6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412390L.B. MEDIUM6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412400Maximum Recovery Diluent6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412410DICHLORAN ROSE BENGAL CAF AGAR6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412420Maximum Recovery Diluent6 bottle x 225 mlLiofilchem
    LI-412430Dichloran Glycerol (DG18) Agar6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412440Tryptone Soy Yeast Extract Agar6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-412720Tryptose Sulfite Cycloserine Agar Base6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-413010ISOSENSITEST AGAR6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-413020T.S.I. AGAR6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-413030CAMPYLOBACTER AGAR6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-413040CLOSTRIDIUM AGAR BASE6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-413050NEUTRALIZING w SAPONIN6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-413070SPECIAL TRIPETTE BROTH6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-413080Nutrient Agar ISO 65796 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-413090Yeast Glucose Chloramphenicol Agar6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-413120TRIPLE SUGAR IRON AGAR6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-413400EUGON BROTH LT 100 (90/200)6 bottles x 90 mL (capacity 200 mL)Liofilchem
    LI-413980LISTERIA FRASER BROTH6 bottle x 225 mlLiofilchem
    LI-414000DEMI FRASER BROTH6 bottle x 225 mlLiofilchem
    LI-414010PEPTONE WATER pH 8.4 + NaCl 1%6 bottle x 225 mlLiofilchem
    LI-414020BUFFERED PEPTONE WATER6 bottle x 225 mlLiofilchem
    LI-414030BUFFERED PEPTONE WATER6 bottle x 90 mLLiofilchem
    LI-414060Albumin Solution6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-414070GN (Hajna) Broth6 bottle x 225 mlLiofilchem
    LI-414080Bolton Broth6 bottle x 225 mlLiofilchem
    LI-414090Listeria Enrichment Broth6 bottle x 225 mlLiofilchem
    LI-414100Eugon Broth LT 1006 bottle x 225 mlLiofilchem
    LI-414110Tryptic Soy Agar6 bottle x 225 mlLiofilchem
    LI-414120Letheen Modified Broth6 bottle x 225 mlLiofilchem
    LI-414130Alkaline Saline Peptone Water ISO6 bottle x 225 mlLiofilchem
    LI-420010BAIRD PARKER AGAR+RPF Suppl.6 bottle x 90 mLLiofilchem
    LI-420110BAIRD PARKER AGAR BASE6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-424010DEMI FRASER BROTH6 bottle x 90 mLLiofilchem
    LI-432050SELENITE BROTH (DOUBLE CONCENT.)6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-432080Tryptic Soy Broth (screw cap)6 bottle x 225 mlLiofilchem
    LI-432090MTSB with Novobiocin6 bottle x 225 mlLiofilchem
    LI-432250D-Nase TEST AGAR6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-432290TRYPTIC SOY AGAR6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-432300WORT AGAR6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-442080Tryptic Soy Broth (screw cap)6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-442090TRYPTIC SOY BROTH + CAPITOL 46 bottles x 90 mL (capacity 200 mL)Liofilchem
    LI-442100TAT Broth6 bottles x 90 mL (capacity 200 mL)Liofilchem
    LI-442150TRYPTIC SOY BROTH + CAPITOL 46 bottles x 190mL (capacity 200 mL)Liofilchem
    LI-442160TAT Broth6 bottles x 190mL (capacity 200 mL)Liofilchem
    LI-442220CHOCOLATE AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-442280SABOURAUD MODIFIED AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-442290TRYPTIC SOY AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-442300WURTZ LACTOSE AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-442320BILE AESCULIN AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-442350BIGGY (NICKERSON) AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-442480ROSE BENGAL CAF AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-442490SPS AGAR6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-442500THIOGLYCOLLATE MEDIUM w VITAMIN K1/HEMIN6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-450254VIOLET RED BILE GLUCOSE AGAR25 bottles x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-451170TBX Agar25 bottles x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-451400DEMI FRASER BROTH25 bottles x 225 mLLiofilchem
    LI-451402BUFFERED PEPTONE WATER25 bottles x 225 mLLiofilchem
    LI-451404Alkaline Peptone Water (screw cap)25 bottles x 225 mLLiofilchem
    LI-452040Sabouraud Dextrose Broth (screw cap)25 bottles x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-452060Fluid Thioglycollate Medium (screw cap)6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-452080Tryptic Soy Broth (screw cap)6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-452080STryptic Soy Broth (triple wrapped and gamma-irradiated)6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-452090Tryptic Soy Broth + 1% Tween 80 (screw cap)25 bottles x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-452210COLUMBIA AGAR BASE6 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-452260Plate Count Agar25 bottles x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-452280Sabouraud Dextrose Agar25 bottles x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-452290Tryptic Soy Agar25 bottles x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-452320MRS Agar25 bottles x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-452340M 17 Agar25 bottles x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-452401DEMI FRASER BROTH25 bottles x 90 mLLiofilchem
    LI-452410Dichloran Rose Bengal CAF Agar25 bottles x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-452430Dichloran Glycerol (DG18) Agar25 bottles x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-452480EE Broth-Mossel (screw cap)25 bottles x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-452490MacConkey Broth25 bottles x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-452500Fluid Thioglycollate Medium + 1% Tween 8025 bottles x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-452600Violet Red Bile Glucose Agar25 bottles x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-452610YSG Broth25 bottles x 90 mLLiofilchem
    LI-452640Peptone Water25 bottles x 90 mLLiofilchem
    LI-452650Buffered NaCl Peptone Solution modified pH 7.0 + NT 90 mL25 bottles x 90 mLLiofilchem
    LI-452660Milk Plate Count Agar25 bottles x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-452670Streptococcal KF Agar25 bottles x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-452680Baird Parker Agar Base25 bottles x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-452690Orange Serum Agar25 bottles x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-452700R2A Agar25 bottles x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-453010Fluid A (flip-off cap)25 bottles x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-453020Fluid Thioglycollate Medium (flip-off cap)25 bottles x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-453030Tryptic Soy Broth (flip-off cap)25 bottles x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-453060Fluid Thioglycollate Medium (screw cap)25 bottles x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-453070Fluid D (flip-off cap)25 bottles x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-453080EE Broth-Mossel (flip-off cap)25 bottles x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-453090MacConkey Broth (flip-off cap)25 bottles x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-453091Yeast Glucose Chloramphenicol Agar25 bottles x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-453100Chromatic Coli Coliform25 bottles x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-453110Chromatic Coliform Agar ISO25 bottles x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-453140Violet Red Bile Lactose Agar25 bottles x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-453208TRYPTIC SOY BROTH25 bottles x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-453270Tryptic Soy Broth + 1% Tween 80 (flip-off cap)25 bottles x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-453280Fluid Thioglycollate Medium + 1% Tween 80 (flip-off cap)25 bottles x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-453400Eugon LT 100 Broth (screw cap)25 bottles x 90 mL (capacity 125 mL)Liofilchem
    LI-454030BUFFERED PEPTONE WATER25 bottles x 90 mLLiofilchem
    LI-455208Tryptic Soy Broth (screw cap)25 bottles x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-459503FLUID A25 bottles x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-459504FLUID D25 bottles x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-461020LISTERIA UVM 2 BROTH6 bottle x 225 mlLiofilchem
    LI-461030LISTERIA UVM 1 BROTH6 bottle x 225 mlLiofilchem
    LI-462010SODIO CITRATO STERILE6 bottle x 250 mLLiofilchem
    LI-462020SODIO CITRATO NON STERILE6 bottle x 250 mLLiofilchem
    LI-462030SODIO IDROSSIDO STERILE6 bottle x 250 mLLiofilchem
    LI-462040PHOSPHATE BUFFER NON STERILE6 bottle x 250 mLLiofilchem
    LI-462050Neutralizing w Saponin6 bottles x 250 mL (capacity 500 mL)Liofilchem
    LI-462260Plate Count Agar25 bottles x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-463010TRYPTIC SOY BROTH + CAPITOL 46 bottles x 990 mL (capacity 1000 mL)Liofilchem
    LI-463020TAT Broth6 bottles x 990 mL (capacity 1000 mL)Liofilchem
    LI-463070TAT Broth6 bottles x 490 mL (capacity 1000 mL)Liofilchem
    LI-463080TRYPTIC SOY BROTH + CAPITOL 46 bottles x 490 mL (capacity 1000 mL)Liofilchem
    LI-463090TRYPTIC SOY BROTH6 bottles x 900 mL (capacity 1000 mL)Liofilchem
    LI-463100Fluid Thioglycollate Medium (screw cap)6 bottles x 900 mL (capacity 1000 mL)Liofilchem
    LI-463110R2A Agar6 bottle x 500 mL screw capLiofilchem
    LI-463120Milk Plate Count Agar6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-463130Selenite Broth6 bottles x 1000 mLLiofilchem
    LI-463160Peptone Neutralizing Solution6 bottles x 250 mL (capacity 500 mL)Liofilchem
    LI-463170Neutralizing w/ Saponin6 bottles x 250 mL (capacity 500 mL)Liofilchem
    LI-463180Tween 80 2%6 bottles x 600 mL (capacity 1000 mL)Liofilchem
    LI-463190Phosphate Buffer Solution pH 7.26 bottles x 1000 mLLiofilchem
    LI-463200Physiological Solution6 bottles x 1000 mLLiofilchem
    LI-463210Neutralizing w/o Histidine6 bottles x 250 mL (capacity 500 mL)Liofilchem
    LI-463230Mannitol Salt Agar (Perforable)6 bottles x 500 mL (capacity 1000 mL)Liofilchem
    LI-470010TRYPTIC SOY AGAR6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470020SELENITE BROTH6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470030DESOXYCHOLATE AGAR6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470031VIOLET RED BILE GLUCOSE AGAR6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470040SABOURAUD DEXTROSE AGAR6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470050NUTRIENT BROTH6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470060Nutrient Agar ISO 162666 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470070MUELLER HINTON II AGAR6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470080MANNITOL SALT AGAR6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470090MAC CONKEY AGAR (Harm EP)6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470100COLUMBIA AGAR BASE6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470110CLED AGAR6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470120CHOCOLATE AGAR6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470130BLOOD AGAR BASE6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470140BILE AESCULIN AGAR6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470150TRICHOMONAS BROTH6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470160DESOXYCHOLATE CITRATE AGAR6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470170LACTOSE BROTH Triple Concentration6 bottles x 125 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470180PLATE COUNT AGAR6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470210ALKALINE PEPTONE WATER6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470220CZAPEK DOX AGAR6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470230LAURYL PEPTO BROTH Double Concentration6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470240LAURYL PEPTO BROTH6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470250AZIDE DEXTROSE B. Double Concentration6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470260AZIDE DEXTROSE BROTH6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470270REINFORCED CLOSTRIDIAL AGAR6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470290CARY BLAIR TRANSPORT MEDIUM6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470300Fluid Thioglycollate Medium (wide neck)6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470320PEPTONE WATER6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470340BOLTON BROTH6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470350SWAB SOLUTION SURFACES6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470360ORANGE SERUM AGAR6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470370Tryptic Soy Broth (screw cap)6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470380MSRV Agar (Semisolid)6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470390Azide Dextrose Broth Triple Concentration6 bottles x 125 mLLiofilchem
    LI-470400Physiological Solution6 bottles x 250 mL (capacity 500 mL)Liofilchem
    LI-471070SABOURAUD BROTH6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-471120Physiological Solution6 bottle x 240 mLLiofilchem
    LI-471130Physiological Solution 38 mL6 bottles x 38 mLLiofilchem
    LI-472580R2A AGAR6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-473000Physiological Solution6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-473030DISTILLED WATER6 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-477001Glucosio Liofilchem 500 mg/ml sciroppo40 bottles x 150 mLLiofilchem
    LI-481110CHROMATIC CANDIDA6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-481120Chromatic Coli Coliform6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-481130CHROMATIC DETECTION6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-481140CHROMATIC SALMONELLA6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-481160CHROMATIC STAPH AUREUS6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-481170TBX Agar6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-481180CHROMATIC STREPTO B6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-481190Chromatic Coliform Agar ISO6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-481200Chromatic EC X-GLUC Agar6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-482190CHROMATIC E.COLI O1576 bottle x 200 mLLiofilchem
    LI-490010HEMO-AEROBIC CULTURING6 bottle x 80 mLLiofilchem
    LI-490020HEMO-ANAEROBIC CULTURING6 bottle x 80 mLLiofilchem
    LI-490030HEMO-AEROBIC CULTURING-Pediatric6 bottle x 40 mLLiofilchem
    LI-490040HEMO-ANAEROBIC CULTURING Pediatric6 bottle x 40 mLLiofilchem
    LI-490050HEMO-AEROBIC CULTURING Neonatal6 bottle x 9 mLLiofilchem
    LI-490060HEMO-ANAEROBIC CULTURING Neonatal6 bottle x 9 mLLiofilchem
    LI-492000TRYPTIC SOY BROTH (Perforable)6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-493000Fluid Thioglycollate Medium (perforable cap)6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-494000MAC CONKEY BROTH (Perforable)6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-495000EE Broth-Mossel (Perforable)6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-495010Tryptic Soy Broth (crimp cap)6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-495020Fluid Thioglycollate Medium (crimp cap)6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-495030FLUID A6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-495040FLUID D6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-495130Glycine 3% (Perforable)6 bottles x 1000 mLLiofilchem
    LI-495140MRD + Tween + Lecithin modified (Perforable)6 bottles x 1000 mLLiofilchem
    LI-495150Fluid A (Perforable)6 bottles x 1000 mLLiofilchem
    LI-495160Fluid K (Perforable)6 bottles x 900 mL (capacity 1000 mL)Liofilchem
    LI-495170Fluid A (Perforable)6 bottles x 500 mL (capacity 1000 mL)Liofilchem
    LI-495180TAT Broth (Perforable)6 bottles x 500 mL (capacity 1000 mL)Liofilchem
    LI-499010LISTERIA UVM MOD BROTH - BAG3 x 3 LLiofilchem
    LI-499015LISTERIA UVM MOD BROTH - BAG3 x 5 LLiofilchem
    LI-499020LISTERIA DEMI FRASER BROTH - BAG3 x 3 LLiofilchem
    LI-499025LISTERIA DEMI FRASER BROTH - BAG3 x 5 LLiofilchem
    LI-499030BUFFERED PEPTONE WATER - BAG3 x 3 LLiofilchem
    LI-499035BUFFERED PEPTONE WATER - BAG3 x 5 LLiofilchem
    LI-499040Maximum Recovery Diluent Bag3 Bags x 3 LLiofilchem
    LI-499045Maximum Recovery Diluent Bag3 Bags x 5 LLiofilchem
    LI-499060TRYPTIC SOY BROTH - BAG3 x 3 LLiofilchem
    LI-500142URITEST PENTA20 slideLiofilchem
    LI-500152URITEST20 slideLiofilchem
    LI-500182URITEST M20 slideLiofilchem
    LI-50020VAGITEST10 slideLiofilchem
    LI-50021DERMATEST10 slideLiofilchem
    LI-500232URITEST N20 slideLiofilchem
    LI-500242URITEST C20 slideLiofilchem
    LI-500302URITEST 220 slideLiofilchem
    LI-500402URITEST MALTO20 slideLiofilchem
    LI-500412URITEST EC20 slideLiofilchem
    LI-500702URITEST EF20 slideLiofilchem
    LI-51014URITEST PENTA120 slideLiofilchem
    LI-51015URITEST120 slideLiofilchem
    LI-51018URITEST M120 slideLiofilchem
    LI-51020VAGITEST120 slideLiofilchem
    LI-51021DERMATEST120 slideLiofilchem
    LI-51023URITEST N120 slideLiofilchem
    LI-51024URITEST C120 slideLiofilchem
    LI-51030URITEST 2120 slideLiofilchem
    LI-51040URITEST MALTO120 slideLiofilchem
    LI-51041URITEST EC120 slideLiofilchem
    LI-51070URITEST EF120 slideLiofilchem
    LI-51118URITEST M500 slideLiofilchem
    LI-51123URITEST N500 slideLiofilchem
    LI-51130URITEST 2500 slideLiofilchem
    LI-51140URITEST MALTO500 slideLiofilchem
    LI-51170URITEST EF500 slideLiofilchem
    LI-525262CONTACT SLIDE 120 slideLiofilchem
    LI-525272CONTACT SLIDE 220 slideLiofilchem
    LI-525282CONTACT SLIDE 420 slideLiofilchem
    LI-525292CONTACT SLIDE Chrom 120 slideLiofilchem
    LI-525302CONTACT SLIDE 320 slideLiofilchem
    LI-525312CONTACT SLIDE 520 slideLiofilchem
    LI-525322CONTACT SLIDE 9 (PCA+TTC+Neutralizing x 2)20 slideLiofilchem
    LI-525332CONTACT SLIDE V.R.B.G.A. x 220 slideLiofilchem
    LI-525382CONTACT SLIDE VRBG/TSA20 slideLiofilchem
    LI-525392CONTACT SLIDE Chrom 220 slideLiofilchem
    LI-525452CONTACT SLIDE 1020 slideLiofilchem
    LI-525462CONTACT SLIDE Chrom 320 slideLiofilchem
    LI-525472CONTACT SLIDE TSA + NEUTR./ TSA + NEUTR.20 slideLiofilchem
    LI-525482CONTACT SLIDE TSA + NEUTR./ ROSE BENGAL20 slideLiofilchem
    LI-525622CONTACT SLIDE 820 slideLiofilchem
    LI-53526CONTACT SLIDE 1120 slideLiofilchem
    LI-53527CONTACT SLIDE 2120 slideLiofilchem
    LI-53528CONTACT SLIDE 4120 slideLiofilchem
    LI-53529CONTACT SLIDE Chrom 1120 slideLiofilchem
    LI-53530CONTACT SLIDE 3120 slideLiofilchem
    LI-53531CONTACT SLIDE 5120 slideLiofilchem
    LI-53532CONTACT SLIDE 9 (PCA+TTC+Neutralizing x 2)120 slideLiofilchem
    LI-53539CONTACT SLIDE Chrom 2120 slideLiofilchem
    LI-53543CONTACT SLIDE PCA+TTC+NEUTR/D.R.B.C+NEUTR.120 slideLiofilchem
    LI-53545CONTACT SLIDE 10120 slideLiofilchem
    LI-53546CONTACT SLIDE Chrom 3120 slideLiofilchem
    LI-53547CONTACT SLIDE TSA + NEUTR./ TSA + NEUTR.120 slideLiofilchem
    LI-53548CONTACT SLIDE TSA + NEUTR./ ROSE BENGAL120 slideLiofilchem
    LI-53562CONTACT SLIDE 8120 slideLiofilchem
    LI-610001BILE AESCULIN AZIDE AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100015BILE AESCULIN AZIDE AGAR5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610001_provaBILE AESCULIN AZIDE AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610002DEXTROSE AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610003AZIDE DEXTROSE BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610004BAIRD PARKER AGAR BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610005BLOOD AGAR BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100055BLOOD AGAR BASE5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610006BORDET GENGOU AGAR BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610007BRAIN HEART INFUSION AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100075BRAIN HEART INFUSION AGAR5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610008BRAIN HEART INFUSION BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100085BRAIN HEART INFUSION BROTH5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610009BRILLIANT GREEN AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610010BRILLIANT GREEN BILE BROTH 2%500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100105BRILLIANT GREEN BILE BROTH 2%5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610011POTATO INFUSION AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610012CLED AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100125CLED AGAR5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610013COLUMBIA AGAR BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100135COLUMBIA AGAR BASE5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610014DESOXYCHOLATE AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100145DESOXYCHOLATE AGAR5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610015DESOXYCHOLATE CITRATE AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610016DRIGALSKI LACTOSE AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610017EE Broth-Mossel500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610018M.S.R.V. MEDIUM BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610019E.M.B. LEVINE AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610020ENDO AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100205ENDO AGAR5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610021HEKTOEN ENTERIC AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100215HEKTOEN ENTERIC AGAR5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610022G.C. MEDIUM500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610023KLIGLER IRON AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100235KLIGLER IRON AGAR5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610024M.R.S. AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610025M.R.S. BROTH ISO 15214500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610026Lowenstein Jensen Medium500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610027LYSINE IRON AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610028MAC CONKEY AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100285MAC CONKEY AGAR5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610029MANNITOL SALT AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100295MANNITOL SALT AGAR5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610030FERMENTATION BROTH BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610031LISTERIA UVM 1 BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100315LISTERIA UVM 1 BROTH 5Kg5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610032MR-VP BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610033MUELLER HINTON AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100335MUELLER HINTON AGAR5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610034MUELLER HINTON BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610035MULLER KAUFFMANN BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610036Nutrient Agar ISO 16266500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100365Nutrient Agar ISO 162665 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610037NUTRIENT BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100375NUTRIENT BROTH5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610038PEPTONE WATER500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610039PHENYLALANINE AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610040PLATE COUNT AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100405PLATE COUNT AGAR5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610041CETRIMIDE AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100415CETRIMIDE AGAR5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610042SS AGAR (MODIFIED)500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100425SS AGAR (MODIFIED)5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610043SCHAEDLER AGAR BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610044PURPLE LACTOSE AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610045LISTERIA UVM 2 BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610046SIMMONS CITRATE AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100465SIMMONS CITRATE AGAR5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610048AEROMONAS AGAR BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610049LEGIONELLA BCYE AGAR BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610050Fluid Thioglycollate Medium500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100505Fluid Thioglycollate Medium5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610051TODD HEWITT BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100515TODD HEWITT BROTH5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610052TRYPTIC SOY AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100525TRYPTIC SOY AGAR5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610053Tryptic Soy Broth500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100535Tryptic Soy Broth5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610054GELATIN PEPTONE AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100545GELATIN PEPTONE AGAR5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610055T.S.I. AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100555T.S.I. AGAR USP5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610056CLOSTRIDIUM BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100565CLOSTRIDIUM BROTH5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610057MAC CONKEY AGAR No.2500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100575MAC CONKEY AGAR No.25 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610058VIOLET RED BILE LACTOSE AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100585VIOLET RED BILE LACTOSE AGAR5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610059VIOLET RED BILE GLUCOSE AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100595VIOLET RED BILE GLUCOSE AGAR5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610060X.L.D. AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100605X.L.D. AGAR5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610061TRICHOMONAS BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610063E.C. BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610064HHD BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610067MRS-IM AGAR + MALTOSE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610068MRS-IM AGAR + GLUCOSE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610069MALT EXTRACT BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610071PSEUDOMONAS AGAR BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610072CZAPEK DOX BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610073MILK PLATE COUNT AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100735MILK PLATE COUNT AGAR5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610076LETHEEN AGAR BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610077Maximum Recovery Diluent500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610078ORANGE SERUM AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100785ORANGE SERUM AGAR5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610079BRUCELLA AGAR BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610080WORT BROTH W/O NaCl500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610081TRYPTIC SOY BROTH W/O NaCl500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610083SOB MEDIUM500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610084LB MEDIUM (Luria Bertani)500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610085LAURYL TRYPTOSE BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100855LAURYL TRYPTOSE BROTH5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610086D/E NEUTRALIZING AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610087DPBS (Dulbeco Phos.Buff.Sal.)500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610088D/E NEUTRALIZING BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610090ROSE BENGAL CAF AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610091DEMI FRASER BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6100915Demi Fraser Broth5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610092XLT 4 AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610093TAT BROTH BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610094MICROBIAL CONTENT TEST AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610095CZAPEK DOX AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610097STAPHYLOCOCCUS BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610098ALKALINE PEPTONE WATER500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610100GIOLITTI CANTONI BROTH BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610101MALT AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610102POTATO DEXTROSE AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6101025POTATO DEXTROSE AGAR5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610103SABOURAUD DEXTROSE AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6101035SABOURAUD DEXTROSE AGAR5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610104SABOURAUD DEXTROSE BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610105A1 MEDIUM500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610106POTATO DEXTROSE BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6101065POTATO DEXTROSE BROTH5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610107UREA AGAR BASE (CHRISTENSEN)500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6101075UREA AGAR BASE (CHRISTENSEN)5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610108MAC CONKEY SORBITOL AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610109P.P.L.O. BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610111YERSINIA SELECTIVE AGAR BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610112CLED ANDRADE AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610113COLUMBIA CNA AGAR BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610114BACILLUS CEREUS AGAR BASE (MOSSEL)500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610117TRYPTONE YEAST AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610119ANDRADE PEPTONE WATER500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610120MILK AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610123CORN MEAL AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610125LEGIONELLA CYE AGAR BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610126BEER UNIVERSAL AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610128MAC CONKEY AGAR w/o BILE SALT500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610129R2A AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610132MOTILITY TEST AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610134SLANETZ BARTLEY AGAR BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610135BIGGY (NICKERSON) AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610136BACILLUS CEREUS AGAR BASE (PEMBA)500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610137SCHAEDLER BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610139CROSSLEY MILK MEDIUM500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610140E.M.B. AGAR w LACTOSE + SUCROSE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610141PKU TEST AGAR w/o Thienylalanine500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610142BRYANT AND BURKEY MEDIUM500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610143LIVER BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610144MRS BROTH w/o GLUCOSE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610145SELENITE BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6101455SELENITE BROTH5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610146SABOURAUD MALTOSE AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610147SLANETZ BARTLEY AGAR +TTC500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6101475SLANETZ BARTLEY AGAR +TTCLiofilchem
    LI-610148SPS AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610149MAC CONKEY BROTH MODIFIED500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610150SELENITE CYSTINE BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610151BILE AESCULIN BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610152AMIES TRANSPORT MEDIUM + CHARC.500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6101525AMIES TRANSPORT MEDIUM + CHARC.5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610153AZIDE BLOOD AGAR BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610154AZIDE MALTOSE AGAR KF500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610155AZIDE VIOLET BLOOD AGAR BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610156BARNES AGAR BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610157BIOTONE AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610158BIOTONE BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610159CPLM SELECTIVE WITH CAF500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610160DERMATOPHYTE (D.T.M.) AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610161DEXTROSE BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610162m-FC BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610163G.N. HAJNA BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610164HERELLEA AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6101645HERELLEA AGAR5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610165KOSER CITRATE MEDIUM500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610166LISTERIA FRASER BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610167LISTERIA OXFORD AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610168LISTERIA PALCAM AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610169I.U.T.M. MEDIUM500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610170MAC CONKEY MUG AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6101705MAC CONKEY MUG AGAR5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610171MAC CONKEY BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610172MALONATE BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610173MALT EXTRACT AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610174PHENOL RED BROTH BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610176ROGOSA AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610177ROGOSA BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610178ROSE BENGAL AGAR BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6101785ROSE BENGAL AGAR BASE5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610179SABOURAUD CAF AGAR + ACTIDIONE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610180S.F. BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610181SIM MEDIUM500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610182STUART TRANSPORT MEDIUM500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6101825STUART TRANSPORT MEDIUM5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610183TETRATHIONATE BROTH BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610184TERGITOL AGAR BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610185TRYPTIC (CTA) MEDIUM500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610186VOGEL JOHNSON AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610187VIOLET RED BILE AGAR MUG500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610188BLOOD AGAR BASE N. 2500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6101885BLOOD AGAR BASE N. 25 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610189LAURYL PEPTO BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610191AMIES TRANSPORT MEDIUM (w/o CHARCOAL)500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6101915AMIES TRANSPORT MEDIUM (w/o CHARCOAL)5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610192M 17 AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610193TRYPTOSE AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610194PURPLE GLUCOSE AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610195MAC CONKEY AGAR w/o CRYSTAL VIOLET500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610196TRYPTIC BILE AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610197TRYPTOPHAN BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610198DEXTROSE TRYPTONE AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610199m-CP AGAR BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610202O.G.Y.E. AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6102025O.G.Y.E. AGAR5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610203SABOURAUD CAF AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6102035SABOURAUD CAF AGAR5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610205DNase TEST AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610206TRYPTONE WATER500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610208LETHEEN BROTH BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610210BILE AESCULIN AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6102105BILE AESCULIN AGAR5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610211KLIGLER IRON AGAR MOD.500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610213MIDDLEBROOK 7H11 AGAR BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610214MIDDLEBROOK 7H9 BROTH BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610215TRIBUTYRIN AGAR BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610216BOLTON BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610217NUTRIENT BROTH N.2500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610218MUELLER HINTON II BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610220m-ENDO BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610221ANTIBIOTIC TEST MEDIUM500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610222CLOSTRIDIUM BROTH w/o AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6102225CLOSTRIDIUM BROTH w/o AGAR5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610223MAC CONKEY AGAR w/o Salt500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610224TBX Agar500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610227PHENOL RED AGAR BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610229ANTIBIOTIC MEDIUM E500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610231LISTERIA OXFORD AGAR BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610233TRYPTOSE BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610234WL NUTRIENT AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610236MOTILITY INDOLE UREA AGA R (M.I.U.)500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610237DRBC AGAR BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610238DICHLORAN GLYCEROL(DG18)AGAR BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610240COLIFORM MEDIUM500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610241TRYPTONE SOYA YEAST EXTRACT B.500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610245LB AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610246MALT YEAST CAF AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610247Lauryl Sulfate Tryptose Broth Modified (m-LST) ISO 22964500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610300APT AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610301BISMUTH SULPHITE AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610303LYSINE DECARBOXYLASE BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610304OF BASAL MEDIUM500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610307ORANGE SERUM BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610308PHENOL RED AGAR BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610309PSEUDOMONAS AGAR F500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610310PSEUDOMONAS AGAR P500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610311UREA BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610312ACETAMIDE AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610313ACETAMIDE BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610314ANTIBIOTIC AGAR N.1500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610315ANTIBIOTIC AGAR N.11500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610316ANTIBIOTIC BROTH N.3500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610317PA (Presence/Absence) BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610318LITMUS MILK500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610320ANAEROBIC AGAR (BREWER)500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610322NITRATE BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610323WORT AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610325LPT DILUTION BROTH BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610326LISTERIA ENRICHMENT B.BASE (Lovett)500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610327EUGON LT 100 AGAR BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610328LETHEEN BROTH BASE MODIFIED ISO 21149500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610329COSMETIC DILUENT OF BEERENS500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610330NEUTRALIZING FLUID E.P.500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610332E.C. BROTH MUG500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610333NUTRIENT AGAR MUG500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610334RAKA RAY No.3 MEDIUM500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610335Buffered NaCl Peptone Solution pH 7.0500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610336Violet Red Bile Agar w Lactose, Glucose500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610337MAC CONKEY BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610338Baird Parker Agar Base acc. to EP500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610339T.S.I. AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610341EUGON BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610342BUFFERED YEAST EXTRACT BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610343MANNITOL SALT BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610345THERMOACIDURANS AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610346PE-2 BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610347ACID BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610348MALT EXTRACT BROTH MODIFIED500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610349TSYE AGAR (Tryptic Soy Yeast Extract Agar)500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610350TRIPLE SUGAR IRON AGAR (TSI)500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610352MODIFIED TRYPTONE SOYA BROTH (mTSB)500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610353CHAPMAN STONE MEDIUM500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610354GBS AGAR (ISLAM)500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610356BRUCELLA BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610358LACTOSE SULFITE BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610359GLUCOSE SALT TEEPOL BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610360LACTOSE GELATIN MEDIUM500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610361BAT AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610362CHINA-BLUE LACTOSE AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610364Tryptose Phosphate Broth500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6103645Tryptose Phosphate Broth5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610366Gassner Agar500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610369Yersinia ITC Broth Base500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610370Yersinia PSB Broth500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610371Motility Nitrate CP Medium500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610372Cooked Meat Medium500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610373Brilliant Green Agar w/ Sulfadiazine500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610374Tryptic Soy Agar w/ 1% NaCl500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610375Fraser Broth Base500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610376Dextrose Tryptone Broth500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610377Alkaline Saline Peptone Water ISO500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610378TOS Propionate Agar Base500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610379Membrane Lactose Glucuronide Agar (MLGA)500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610380Microbial Content Test Broth Base500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610382Water Detect Coliforms500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610386Amos Kont Jones Medium500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610387Bismuth Sulphite Agar ISO 6579-1500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610388Glucose OF Medium ISO 21528500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610389Cronobacter Selective Broth500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610390Chromatic Cronobacter Isolation Agar500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610392Acetamide Broth ISO 16266500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610393Nutrient Broth No. 2 ISO 10272-1500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610394Brilliant Green Agar w/ Sulfapyridine500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610395Eugon LT 100 Broth500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610396Mineral Modified Glutamate Medium500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610397C-EC MF Agar500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610398Malt Extract Agar w/o Glycerol500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610491SKIM MILK500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6104915SKIM MILK5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610492POLYPEPTONE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610495BRAIN HEART INFUSION500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6104955BRAIN HEART INFUSION5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610496ACID HYDROLYSATE OF CASEIN500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610497BEEF EXTRACT500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6104975BEEF EXTRACT5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610498LACTOSE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6104985LACTOSE5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610500RICE STARCH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610501VRE Agar Base500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610502DEV LACTOSE PEPTONE MUG BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610503LAURYL SULPHATE AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610505M 17 BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610506CYSTINE HEART AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610601O.A. LISTERIA AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610602CHROMATIC EC X-GLUC AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610610Chromatic Coli Coliform500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610611CHROMATIC SALMONELLA500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610612CHROMATIC DETECTION500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6106125Chromatic Detection5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610613CHROMATIC CANDIDA500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610614CHROMATIC E.COLI O157500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610615CHROMATIC MRSA500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610616CHROMATIC STAPH AUREUS500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610617CHROMATIC STREPTO B500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610618LISTERIA FRASER BROTH II500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610619BUFFERED PEPTONE WATER II500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610620PLATE COUNT AGAR w/o DEXTROSE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610623Enterobacter (Cronobacter) sakazakii Isolation Agar500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610625SABOURAUD CAF (50 mg/L) AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610627MUELLER HINTON II AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6106275MUELLER HINTON II AGAR5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-610628Chromatic Bacillus Cereus500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610629CHROMATIC ESBL500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610630Chromatic Coliform Agar ISO500 gLiofilchem
    LI-610633Chromatic Vibrio500 gLiofilchem
    LI-611000SODIUM CHLORIDE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-611001AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6110015AGAR5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-611002GELATIN BACTERIOLOGICAL500 gLiofilchem
    LI-611003SODIUM SELENITE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6110035SODIUM SELENITE5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-611004TRYPTONE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6110045TRYPTONE5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-611005YEAST EXTRACT500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6110055YEAST EXTRACT5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-611005BYEAST EXTRACT (BULK)Liofilchem
    LI-611006MALT EXTRACT500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6110065MALT EXTRACT5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-611006BMALT EXTRACT (BULK)Liofilchem
    LI-611007CAMPYLOBACTER AGAR BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-611008TRYPTOSE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6110085TRYPTOSE2 X 2,5 kgLiofilchem
    LI-611010TCBS AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-611011ENDO AGAR LES500 gLiofilchem
    LI-611012m-FC AGAR BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6110125m-FC AGAR BASE5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-611014BUFFERED PEPTONE WATER500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6110145BUFFERED PEPTONE WATER5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-611015SIERRA LIPOLYTIC AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-611016YEAST EXTRACT AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-611017Mannitol500 gLiofilchem
    LI-611020MITIS SALIVARIUS AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6110205MITIS SALIVARIUS AGAR5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-611021HEART INFUSION BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6110215HEART INFUSION BROTH5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-611022MIDDLEBROOK 7H10 AGAR BASE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-611023AMMONIUM SULPHATE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-611025BMAGNESIUM SULPHATE (BULK) KgLiofilchem
    LI-611202LACTOSE BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6112025Lactose Broth5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-611203SABOURAUD CAF (1g/l) AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-611210WURTZ LACTOSE AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-611214NUTRIENT GELATIN500 gLiofilchem
    LI-611265ISOSENSITEST AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-611365E.V.A.BROTH(ETHYL VIOL.AZIDE)500 gLiofilchem
    LI-611366STAPHYLOCOCCUS 110 AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-611367BILE BACTERIOLOGICAL500 gLiofilchem
    LI-611401IRON SULPHITE AGAR500 gLiofilchem
    LI-611402CARY BLAIR TRANSPORT MEDIUM500 gLiofilchem
    LI-611502CASEIN PEPTONE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-611601GLUCOSE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6116015GLUCOSE5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-611602Maltose500 gLiofilchem
    LI-611618CHROMATIC MH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-611619CHROMATIC CRE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-611701PEPTONE BACTERIOLOGICAL500 gLiofilchem
    LI-611706HEMOGLOBIN500 gLiofilchem
    LI-611801SUCROSE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6118015SUCROSE5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-611901BILE SALT N.3500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6119015BILE SALT N.35 KgLiofilchem
    LI-612001LIVER EXTRACT500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6120015LIVER EXTRACT2 X 2,5 kgLiofilchem
    LI-612101PEPTONE MYCOLOGICAL500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6121015PEPTONE MYCOLOGICAL5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-612201PROTEOSE PEPTONE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6122015PROTEOSE PEPTONE5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-612203STREPTOCOCCUS BROTH500 gLiofilchem
    LI-612401SODIUM DESOXYCHOLATE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6124015SODIUM DESOXYCHOLATE5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-612501SOY PEPTONE500 gLiofilchem
    LI-6125015SOY PEPTONE5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-612501BSOY PEPTONE (BULK)Liofilchem
    LI-620001BILE AESCULIN AZIDE AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620002DEXTROSE AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620003AZIDE DEXTROSE BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620004BAIRD PARKER AGAR BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620005BLOOD AGAR BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620006BORDET GENGOU AGAR BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620007BRAIN HEART INFUSION AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620008BRAIN HEART INFUSION BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620009BRILLIANT GREEN AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620010BRILLIANT GREEN BILE BROTH 2%100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620011POTATO IFUSION AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620012CLED AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620013COLUMBIA AGAR BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620014DESOXYCHOLATE AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620015DESOXYCHOLATE CITRATE AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620016DRIGALSKI LACTOSE AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620017EE Broth-Mossel (Harm.EP)100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620018M.S.R.V. MEDIUM BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620019E.M.B. LEVINE AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620020ENDO AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620021HEKTOEN ENTERIC AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620022G.C. MEDIUM100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620023KLIGLER IRON AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620024M.R.S. AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620025M.R.S. BROTH ISO 15214100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620026Lowenstein Jensen Medium100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620027LYSINE IRON AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620028MAC CONKEY AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620029MANNITOL SALT AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620031LISTERIA UVM 1 BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620032MR-VP BROTH ISO 6785/6579100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620033MUELLER HINTON AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620034MUELLER HINTON BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620035MULLER KAUFFMANN BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620036Nutrient Agar ISO 16266100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620037NUTRIENT BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620038PEPTONE WATER100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620039PHENYLALANINE AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620040PLATE COUNT AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620041CETRIMIDE AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620042SS AGAR (MODIFIED)100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620043SCHAEDLER AGAR BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620044PURPLE LACTOSE AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620045LISTERIA UVM 2 BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620046SIMMONS CITRATE AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620047MONSUR AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620048AEROMONAS AGAR BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620049LEGIONELLA BCYE AGAR BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620050Fluid Thioglycollate Medium100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620051TODD HEWITT BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620052TRYPTIC SOY AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620053Tryptic Soy Broth100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620054GELATIN PEPTONE AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620055T.S.I. AGAR USP100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620056CLOSTRIDIUM BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620058VIOLET RED BILE LACTOSE AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620059VIOLET RED BILE GLUCOSE AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620060X.L.D. AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620061TRICHOMONAS BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620063E.C. BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620064HHD BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620067MRS-IM AGAR + MALTOSE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620068MRS-IM AGAR + GLUCOSE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620069MALT EXTRACT BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620071PSEUDOMONAS AGAR BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620072CZAPEK DOX BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620073MILK PLATE COUNT AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620076LETHEEN AGAR BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620077Maximum Recovery Diluent100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620078ORANGE SERUM AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620079BRUCELLA AGAR BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620082TERRIFIC BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620083SOB MEDIUM100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620084LB MEDIUM (Luria Bertani)100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620085LAURYL TRYPTOSE BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620086D/E NEUTRALIZING AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620088D/E NEUTRALIZING BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620090ROSE BENGAL CAF AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620091DEMI FRASER BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620092XLT 4 AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620093TAT BROTH BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620094MICROBIAL CONTENT TEST AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620095CZAPEK DOX AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620097STAPHYLOCOCCUS BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620098ALKALINE PEPTONE WATER100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620099PHARMACOPEA WATER DILUENT100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620100GIOLITTI CANTONI BROTH BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620101MALT AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620102POTATO DEXTROSE AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620103SABOURAUD DEXTROSE AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620104SABOURAUD DEXTROSE BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620105A1 MEDIUM100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620106POTATO DEXTROSE BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620107UREA AGAR BASE (CHRISTENSEN)100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620108MAC CONKEY SORBITOL AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620109P.P.L.O. BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620111YERSINIA SELECTIVE AGAR BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620112CLED ANDRADE AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620113COLUMBIA CNA AGAR BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620114BACILLUS CEREUS AGAR BASE (MOSSEL)100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620117TRYPTONE YEAST AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620119ANDRADE PEPTONE WATER100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620120MILK AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620123CORN MEAL AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620125LEGIONELLA CYE AGAR BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620126BEER UNIVERSAL AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620129R2A AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620132MOTILITY TEST AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620134SLANETZ BARTLEY AGAR BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620135BIGGY (NICKERSON) AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620136BACILLUS CEREUS AGAR BASE (PEMBA)100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620137SCHAEDLER BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620139CROSSLEY MILK MEDIUM100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620140E.M.B. AGAR w LACTOSE + SUCROSE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620141PKU TEST AGAR w/o Thienylalanine100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620142BRYANT AND BURKEY MEDIUM100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620143LIVER BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620144MRS BROTH w/o GLUCOSE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620145SELENITE BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620146SABOURAUD MALTOSE AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620147SLANETZ BARTLEY AGAR +TTC100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620148SPS AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620149MAC CONKEY BROTH MODIFIED100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620150SELENITE CYSTINE BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620151BILE AESCULIN BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620152AMIES TRANSPORT MEDIUM + CHARC.100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620153AZIDE BLOOD AGAR BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620154AZIDE MALTOSE AGAR KF100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620155AZIDE VIOLET BLOOD AGAR BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620156BARNES AGAR BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620157BIOTONE AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620158BIOTONE BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620159CPLM SELECTIVE WITHCAF100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620160DERMATOPHYTE (D.T.M.) AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620161DEXTROSE BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620162m-FC BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620163G.N. HAJNA BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620164HERELLEA AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620165KOSER CITRATE MEDIUM100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620166LISTERIA FRASER BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620167LISTERIA OXFORD AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620168LISTERIA PALCAM AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620169I.U.T.M. MEDIUM100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620170MAC CONKEY MUG AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620171MAC CONKEY BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620172MALONATE BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620173MALT EXTRACT AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620174PHENOL RED BROTH BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620176ROGOSA AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620177ROGOSA BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620178ROSE BENGAL AGAR BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620179SABOURAUD CAF AGAR + ACTIDIONE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620180S.F. BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620181SIM MEDIUM100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620182STUART TRANSPORT MEDIUM100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620183TETRATHIONATE BROTH BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620184TERGITOL AGAR BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620185TRYPTIC (CTA) MEDIUM100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620186VOGEL JOHNSON AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620187VIOLET RED BILE AGAR MUG100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620188BLOOD AGAR BASE N. 2100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620189LAURYL PEPTO BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620191AMIES TRANSPORT MEDIUM (w/o CHARCOAL)100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620192M 17 AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620193TRYPTOSE AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620194PURPLE GLUCOSE AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620195MAC CONKEY AGAR w/o CRYSTAL VIOLET100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620196TRYPTIC BILE AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620197TRYPTOPHAN BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620199m-CP AGAR BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620202O.G.Y.E. AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620203SABOURAUD CAF AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620205DNase TEST AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620206TRYPTONE WATER100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620208LETHEEN BROTH BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620210BILE AESCULIN AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620211KLIGLER IRON AGAR MOD.100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620214MIDDLEBROOK 7H9 BROTH BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620215TRIBUTYRIN AGAR BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620216BOLTON BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620217NUTRIENT BROTH N.2100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620218MUELLER HINTON II BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620220m-ENDO BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620224TBX Agar100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620227PHENOL RED AGAR BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620229ANTIBIOTIC MEDIUM E100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620233TRYPTOSE BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620234WL NUTRIENT AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620237DRBC AGAR BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620238DICHLORAN GLYCEROL(DG18)AGAR BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620240COLIFORM MEDIUM100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620241TRYPTONE SOY YEAST EXTRACT B.100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620303LYSINE DECARBOXYLASE BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620309PSEUDOMONAS AGAR F100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620311UREA BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620313ACETAMIDE BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620326LISTERIA ENRICHMENT B.BASE (Lovett)100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620328LETHEEN BROTH BASE MODIFIED100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620329COSMETIC DILUENT OF BEERENS100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620330NEUTRALIZING FLUID E.P.100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620345THERMOACIDURANS AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620346PE-2 BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620347ACID BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620348MALT EXTRACT BROTH MODIFIED100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620349TSYE(Tryptic Soy Yeast Extract Agar)100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620350TRIPLE SUGAR IRON AGAR (TSI)100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620352MODIFIED TRYPTONE SOYA BROTH (mTSB)100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620353CHAPMAN STONE MEDIUM100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620375Fraser Broth Base100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620382Water Detect Coliforms100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620388Glucose OF Medium ISO 21528100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620495BRAIN HEART INFUSION100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620496ACID HYDROLISATE OF CASEIN100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620497BEEF EXTRACT100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620498LACTOSE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620505M 17 BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620601O.A. LISTERIA AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620602CHROMATIC EC X-GLUC AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620610Chromatic Coli Coliform100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620611CHROMATIC SALMONELLA100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620612CHROMATIC DETECTION100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620613CHROMATIC CANDIDA100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620614Chromatic E. coli O157100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620615CHROMATIC MRSA100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620616CHROMATIC STAPH AUREUS100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620617CHROMATIC STREPTO B100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620627MUELLER HINTON II AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620629CHROMATIC ESBL100 gLiofilchem
    LI-620630Chromatic Coliform Agar ISO100 gLiofilchem
    LI-621000SODIUM CHLORIDE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-621001AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-621003SODIUM SELENITE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-621004TRYPTONE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-621005YEAST EXTRACT100 gLiofilchem
    LI-621006MALT EXTRACT100 gLiofilchem
    LI-621007CAMPYLOBACTER AGAR BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-621010TCBS AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-621011ENDO AGAR LES100 gLiofilchem
    LI-621012m-FC AGAR BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-621014BUFFERED PEPTONE WATER100 gLiofilchem
    LI-621015SIERRA LIPOLYTIC AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-621016YEAST EXTRACT AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-621021HEART INFUSION BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-621022MIDDLEBROOK 7H10 AGAR BASE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-621202LACTOSE BROTH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-621210WURTZ LACTOSE AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-621214NUTRIENT GELATIN100 gLiofilchem
    LI-621265ISOSENSITEST AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-621365E.V.A.BROTH(ETHYL VIOL.AZIDE)100 gLiofilchem
    LI-621367BILE BACTERIOLOGICAL100 gLiofilchem
    LI-621401IRON SULPHITE AGAR100 gLiofilchem
    LI-621402CARY BLAIR TRANSPORT MEDIUM100 gLiofilchem
    LI-621601GLUCOSE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-621618CHROMATIC MH100 gLiofilchem
    LI-621619CHROMATIC CRE100 gLiofilchem
    LI-621701PEPTONE BACTERIOLOGICAL100 gLiofilchem
    LI-6300025TRYPTIC SOY AGAR w/o Soya Peptone5 KgLiofilchem
    LI-630026Lowenstein Jensen Medium w Glycerol 1 litre100 gLiofilchem
    LI-630600WATER DETECT COLIFORMS20 tubeLiofilchem
    LI-630601WATER DETECT COLIFORMS 100 mL12 bottles x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-630602Water Detect Coliforms100 tubes x 20 mLLiofilchem
    LI-640001MAIA SALTS100 gLiofilchem
    LI-71618ENTEROSYSTEM 18R20 testLiofilchem
    LI-71619ENTEROSYSTEM 24R20 testLiofilchem
    LI-71620Anaerobe System20 testLiofilchem
    LI-71630STAF SYSTEM 18 R20 testLiofilchem
    LI-71640LISTERIA SYSTEM 18 R20 testLiofilchem
    LI-71655HACCP-SYSTEM Plus40 testLiofilchem
    LI-71670COPRO SYSTEM40 testLiofilchem
    LI-71671COPRO SYSTEM AST20 testLiofilchem
    LI-71675COPRO SYSTEM Plus20 testLiofilchem
    LI-71679PATHOGENIC SYSTEM20 testLiofilchem
    LI-71680FOOD SYSTEM40 testLiofilchem
    LI-71681PATHOGENIC SYSTEM AST20 testLiofilchem
    LI-71708CODE BOOK OXI/FERMPLURI-TEST1 unitLiofilchem
    LI-71709CODE BOOK ENTEROPLURI TEST1 unitLiofilchem
    LI-71710CODE BOOK ENTEROSYSTEM 18RLiofilchem
    LI-71724INTEGRAL SYSTEM GARDNERELLA20 testLiofilchem
    LI-71822INTEGRAL SYSTEM YEASTS Plus20 testLiofilchem
    LI-72560STREPTO SYSTEM 12 R40 testLiofilchem
    LI-72592MYCOPLASMA SYSTEM Plus20 testLiofilchem
    LI-72593Mycoplasma System VET20 testLiofilchem
    LI-74156A.F. GENITAL SYSTEM20 testLiofilchem
    LI-74160URIN SYSTEM Plus20 testLiofilchem
    LI-74161URIN SYSTEM Chrom20 testLiofilchem
    LI-75001ComASP Colistin16 testsLiofilchem
    LI-75002ComASP Piperacillin-tazobactam8 TestLiofilchem
    LI-75003ComASP Colistin / Piperacillin-tazobactam4 TestLiofilchem
    LI-75004ComASP Ceftolozane-tazobactam / Ceftazidime-avibactam4 TestLiofilchem
    LI-75005ComASP Vancomycin / Teicoplanin4 TestLiofilchem
    LI-75006ComASP Ceftolozane-tazobactam8 TestLiofilchem
    LI-76010SensiTest Gram-negative20 testLiofilchem
    LI-76020SensiTest Gram-positive20 testLiofilchem
    LI-76031SensiQuattro Gram-negative20 testLiofilchem
    LI-76032SensiQuattro Gram-positive20 testLiofilchem
    LI-76033SensiQuattro Candida EU20 testLiofilchem
    LI-78618ENTERO PLURI TEST10 testLiofilchem
    LI-78619ENTERO PLURI TEST25 testLiofilchem
    LI-78620OXI/FERM PLURI TEST10 testLiofilchem
    LI-78621OXI/FERM PLURI TEST25 testLiofilchem
    LI-79010SensiTest Gram-negative4 TestLiofilchem
    LI-79020SensiTest Gram-positive4 TestLiofilchem
    LI-79031SensiQuattro Gram-negative4 TestLiofilchem
    LI-79032SensiQuattro Gram-positive4 TestLiofilchem
    LI-79033SensiQuattro Candida EU4 TestLiofilchem
    LI-79156A.F. GENITAL SYSTEM4 TestLiofilchem
    LI-79160URIN SYSTEM Plus4 TestLiofilchem
    LI-79161URIN SYSTEM Chrom4 TestLiofilchem
    LI-79560STREPTO SYSTEM 12 R8 TestLiofilchem
    LI-79592MYCOPLASMA SYSTEM PLUS4 TestLiofilchem
    LI-79618ENTEROSYSTEM 18R4 TestLiofilchem
    LI-79620Anaerobe System8 TestLiofilchem
    LI-79630STAF SYSTEM 18 R4 TestLiofilchem
    LI-79640LISTERIA SYSTEM 18 R4 TestLiofilchem
    LI-79655HACCP SYSTEM Plus8 TestLiofilchem
    LI-79670COPRO SYSTEM8 TestLiofilchem
    LI-79671COPRO SYSTEM AST4 TestLiofilchem
    LI-79675COPRO SYSTEM PLUS4 TestLiofilchem
    LI-79679PATHOGENIC SYSTEM4 TestLiofilchem
    LI-79680FOOD SYSTEM8 TestLiofilchem
    LI-79681PATHOGENIC SYSTEM AST4 TestLiofilchem
    LI-79700MAIA Pesticide MultiTest96 testLiofilchem
    LI-79701MAIA STARTER + MEDIUM10 vials + 10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-79703MAIA CONTROLS6 paraoxon + 6 carbarylLiofilchem
    LI-7970496W MICROPLATE1 microplateLiofilchem
    LI-79718INTEGRAL SYSTEM STAFILOCOCCHI 4 Test4 TestLiofilchem
    LI-79724INTEGRAL SYSTEM GARDNERELLA 4 Test4 TestLiofilchem
    LI-79822INTEGRAL SYSTEM YEASTS Plus 4 Tests4 TestLiofilchem
    LI-80007LECITHIN supplement (10%)4 x 50 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80008LETHEEN supplement4 x 50 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80009IODINE MKTT SOLUTION10 x 10 mlLiofilchem
    LI-80010XLT 4 supplement2 x 50 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80021GLYCEROL supplement4 x 50 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80022POTASSIUM TELLURITE 1% suppl.5 x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80031TWEEN 80 supplement2 x 50 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80032TWEEN 20 supplement2 x 50 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80035TERGITOL 0.2% supplement5 x 5 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80042TERGITOL 1.5% supplement4 x 40 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80046TRITON X 100 supplement5 x 5 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80047MULLER KAUFFMANN (Iodio/B.G.0.1%)CE3 X 50 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80048EUGON LT 100 SUPPLEMENT4 x 40 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80053VITAMIN K 1% supplement5 x 5 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80056LEGIONELLA growth supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-80057H2O2 REAGENT5 mlLiofilchem
    LI-80060DECONTAM-KIT3 x 9 bottlesLiofilchem
    LI-80100NEUTRALIZING SOLUTION6 X 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80110UREA 40% SUPPLEMENT6 X 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80122EGG YOLK TELLURITE emulsion4 x 50 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80123Egg Yolk Tellurite Emulsion 20%4 x 50 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80124Egg Yolk Emulsion6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80125Egg Yolk Tellurite Emulsion6 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80219EGG YOLK emulsion4 x 50 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80252ENTEROSYSTEM 18R REAGENT100/200 testLiofilchem
    LI-80257LISTERIA SYSTEM 18R -REAG100/200 testLiofilchem
    LI-80258AF GENITAL SYSTEM REAGENT100 testLiofilchem
    LI-80260IDENTIF. SYSTEM-REAGENT100/200 testLiofilchem
    LI-80271KOVAC\\\'S REAGENT4 x 25 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80272FERRIC CHLORIDE 10%2 bottle x 25 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80273NINHYDRIN 7%10 mL bottleLiofilchem
    LI-80275MIF COLOR KIT50 x 12 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80276ZIEHL-NEELSEN COLOR KIT3 x 250 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80277METHYLENE BLUE Solution250 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80279VASELINE OIL4 x 50 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80280V.P. TEST-Reagent10 x 10 mlLiofilchem
    LI-80281V.P. TEST EP10 x 10 mlLiofilchem
    LI-80282KIT MAY GRUNWALD GIEMSA2 x 250 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80290SAFRANIN SOLUTION1000 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80291POTASSIUM TELLURITE 3.5% suppl.5 x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80292UREA 40 % supplement10 x 5 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80293GRAM COLOR KIT4 x 250 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80294KIT COLOR ALBERT2 x 250 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80295DECOLOURIZING SOLUTION1000 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80296LUGOL PVP SOLUTION1000 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80298LUGOL PVP SOLUTION250 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80299CRYSTAL VIOLET SOLUTION1000 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80300TTC 1% supplement5 x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80301GLYCERYL TRIBUTYRATE6 X 50 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80302TTC 0.05% supplement5 x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80303Lactic Acid 10% Solution5 x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80304Listeria Fraser Supplement (liquid)5 x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80350ANTIBIOTIC TEST50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-80351RAPID ANTIBIOTIC TEST50 testsLiofilchem
    LI-80355MiRA Test50 testsLiofilchem
    LI-80356MeRA Test50 testsLiofilchem
    LI-80380KINYOUN COLOR KIT2 x 250 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80400McFARLAND 0.5 BARIUM SULPHATE STANDARD1 vialLiofilchem
    LI-80405McFARLAND STANDARD SET5 x 1 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-80409IODINE solution10 x 10 mlLiofilchem
    LI-80410XLT 4 supplement4 x 50 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80422POTASSIUM TELLURITE 1% suppl.10 x 10 mlLiofilchem
    LI-80430TTC 1% supplement10 x 10 mlLiofilchem
    LI-80431TWEEN 80 supplement4 x 50 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80432TWEEN 20 supplement4 x 50 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80435TERGITOL 0.2% supplement10 x 5 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80446TRITON X 100 supplement10 x 5 mLLiofilchem
    LI-80453VITAMIN K 1% supplement10 x 5 mLLiofilchem
    LI-81001AMPICILLIN supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81002LEGIONELLA (BMPA) supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81003BRUCELLA supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81004CAMPYLOBACTER Preston supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81006CN (Pseudomonas) supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81007CLOSTRIDIUM difficile supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81008LEGIONELLA (GVPC) supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81009IODINE solution5 x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-81011CLOSTRIDIUM perfringens (T.S.C.) sup.10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81012LCAT supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81013BORDETELLA supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81014HAEMOPHILUS supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81015CAMPYLOBACTER Butzler supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81016BACILLUS cereus Supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81017CHLORAMPHENICOL supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81018OGYE supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81019LEGIONELLA (MWY) supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81020MUG Supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81021NOVOBIOCIN supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81022V.C.N. supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81023VITALEX growth supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81024V.C.N.T. supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81025DERMATOPHYTE supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81026LISTERIA PALCAM supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81027LISTERIA OXFORD supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81028LISTERIA FRASER supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81029ROSOLIC ACID supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81030KANAMYCIN supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81031KANAMYCIN/POLIMIXIN B supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81032ONPG 1.5% Supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81033GENTAMYCIN supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81034m-CP Supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81035MIDDLEBROOK 7H10 (OADC)Supplement4 x 50 mLLiofilchem
    LI-81036CAMPYLOBACTER KARMALI Supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81037CAMPYLOBACTER CCDA supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81037LCAMPYLOBACTER CCDA supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81038CAMPYLOBACTER C.T.V.N. Supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81039YERSINIA supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81040GARDNERELLA vaginalis Supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81041V.C.A.T. supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81042LISTERIA FRASER supplement (1125mg)10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81043Half Fraser Supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81046Fraser Supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81048CNA (Staf/Strep) supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81049CFC (Pseudomonas) supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81050CAMPYLOBACTER growth supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81051CAMPYLOBACTER Blaser Wang supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81054SCHAEDLER supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81055CAMPYLOBACTER Skirrow supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81056LEGIONELLA (BCYE) growth suppl.10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81057R.P.F. supplement ISO 6888-28 vialLiofilchem
    LI-81058MUCO SOL10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81059RINGER\\\'S Solution10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81062VANCOMYCIN SUPPLEMENT10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81063MIDDLEBROOK 7H 9 (ADC) Supplement4 x 50 mLLiofilchem
    LI-81064Vancomycin (5mg) Supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81070m-CP Supp.A Phenolphtalein diphosphate (10)10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81071m-CP Supp.B Ferric chloride10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81072m-CP Supp.C Indoxyl B-D-Glucoside10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81073NOVOBIOCIN MKTT Supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81074O.A. LISTERIA Supplement4+4 vials x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-81076VCC SELECTIVE Supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81077CAMPYLOBACTER C.T.V.A. Supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81078CHROMATIC MRSA Supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81079UREA-ARGININE SCREEN20 testLiofilchem
    LI-81083MEROPENEM SUPPLEMENT10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81085CHROMATIC STAPH AUREUS Supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81086VCC MOD SELECTIVE Supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81088CHROMATIC CRE Supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81089CHROMATIC ESBL Supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81090CHROMATIC ESBL + AmpC Supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81091LEGIONELLA (BCYE) growth suppl. w/o L-Cysteine10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81092Yersinia ITC Supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81093Pseudomonas PP Supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81094Dicloxacillin Supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81095Sulfamethazine Supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81097Chromatic Bacillus Cereus Supplement10+10 vials x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-81098D-Cycloserine 4-MUP Supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81099Legionella AB Supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81100Preston Supplement ISO 10272-110 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81101MUP Selective Supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81102Chromatic Salmonella Selective Supplement10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81628ALISTERIA FRASER supplement (FAC-NA)5 + 5 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-81629LISTERIA OXFORD w CEF-FOS-COL-CYC-ACR suppl10 vialsLiofilchem
    LI-82002SUSPENSION SPORE GST E8 1 vial x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-82003SUSPENSION SPORE GST E7 1 vial x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-82004SUSPENSION SPORE GST E6 1 vial x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-82005SUSPENSION SPORE GST E5 1 vial x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-82006SUSPENSION SPORE BAT E10 1 vial x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-82007SUSPENSION SPORE BAT E9 1 vial x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-82008SUSPENSION SPORE BAT E8 1 vial x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-82009SUSPENSION SPORE BAT E7 1 vial x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-82010SUSPENSION SPORE BAT E6 1 vial x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-82011SUSPENSION SPORE BAT E5 1 vial x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-82012SUSPENSION SPORE BAS E8 1 vial x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-82013SUSPENSION SPORE BAS E7 1 vial x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-82014SUSPENSION SPORE BAS E6 1 vial x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-82015SUSPENSION SPORE BAS E5 1 vial x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-82016SUSPENSION SPORE PUM E8 1 vial x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-82017SUSPENSION SPORE PUM E7 1 vial x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-82018SUSPENSION SPORE PUM E6 1 vial x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-82019SUSPENSION SPORE BAS E10 1 vial x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-82020SUSPENSION SPORE BAS E9 1 vial x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-82030SUSPENSION SPORE GST VHP E8 1 vial x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-82031SUSPENSION SPORE GST VHP E7 1 vial x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-82032SUSPENSION SPORE GST VHP E6 1 vial x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-82033SUSPENSION SPORE GST VHP E5 1 vial x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-82112SUSPENSION SPORE BAS E8 100 ml 1 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-82212SUSPENSION SPORE BAS E8 1 tube x 2 mLLiofilchem
    LI-83294SHEEP BLOOD DEFIBRINATED1 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-83296SHEEP BLOOD DEFIBRINATED1 x 50 mLLiofilchem
    LI-83297SHEEP BLOOD DEFIBRINATED1 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-83298SHEEP BLOOD DEFIBRINATED1 x 25 mLLiofilchem
    LI-83394HORSE BLOOD DEFIBRINATED1 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-83395HORSE BLOOD DEFIBRINATED1 x 50 mLLiofilchem
    LI-83396HORSE BLOOD DEFIBRINATED1 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-83397HORSE BLOOD LYSED1 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-83810HORSE SERUM1 bottle x 100 mLLiofilchem
    LI-83830BOVINE SERUM1 x 50 mLLiofilchem
    LI-83840Bovine Serum1 bottle x 500 mLLiofilchem
    LI-85270Sterile Swab in Envelope100 swabLiofilchem
    LI-85275Sterile Swab without envelope100 swabLiofilchem
    LI-85306BIO - CULT STUART + charcoal100 swabLiofilchem
    LI-85307BIO - CULT AMIES + charcoal100 swabLiofilchem
    LI-85308BIO - CULT STUART100 swabLiofilchem
    LI-85310BIO CULT CARY BLAIR150 swabsLiofilchem
    LI-85317BIO - CULT AMIES100 swabLiofilchem
    LI-85317*BIO - CULT AMIES100 swabLiofilchem
    LI-85400Peptone Solution + Neutralizing50 testsLiofilchem
    LI-85501COPRO KIT (SELENITE BROTH)10 testLiofilchem
    LI-85502COPRO KIT 2 (SALMONELLA BROTH)10 testLiofilchem
    LI-85601ESC swab Neutralizing Rinse Solution100 tubes x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-85602ESC swab Neutralizing Rinse Solution100 tubes x 5 mLLiofilchem
    LI-85603ESC swab Buffered Peptone Water100 tubes x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-85604ESC swab Buffered Peptone Water100 tubes x 5 mLLiofilchem
    LI-85605ESC swab D/E Neutralizing Broth100 tubes x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-85606ESC swab D/E Neutralizing Broth100 tubes x 5 mLLiofilchem
    LI-85607ESC swab Letheen Broth100 tubes x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-85608ESC swab Letheen Broth100 tubes x 5 mLLiofilchem
    LI-85609ESC swab Maximum Recovery Diluent100 tubes x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-85610ESC swab Maximum Recovery Diluent100 tubes x 5 mLLiofilchem
    LI-85612ESC swab Mycoplasma Transport Broth100 tubes x 5 mLLiofilchem
    LI-85614ESC swab Demi Fraser Broth100 tubes x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-85615ESC swab BPW + Neutralizing100 tubes x 4 mLLiofilchem
    LI-85621ESC swab Letheen Broth100 tubes x 1 mLLiofilchem
    LI-85701LIM Broth100 tubes x 5 mLLiofilchem
    LI-86001CLEAN TEST50 testsLiofilchem
    LI-86001/3CLEAN TEST3 testsLiofilchem
    LI-86100CONTAM SWAB CONTAMINATION30 testLiofilchem
    LI-86101CONTAM SWAB E.COLI COLIFORM30 testLiofilchem
    LI-86102CONTAM SWAB LISTERIA30 testLiofilchem
    LI-86103CONTAM SWAB SALMONELLA30 testLiofilchem
    LI-86104CONTAM SWAB MRSA30 testLiofilchem
    LI-86105Contam Swab Yeasts/Moulds30 testLiofilchem
    LI-87001KOVAC\\\'S Reagent Droppers20 bottles x 2.5 mLLiofilchem
    LI-87002VP (NaOH) Reagent10 + 10 bottles x 2.5 mLLiofilchem
    LI-87003CATALASE Reagent Droppers20 bottles x 1 mLLiofilchem
    LI-87004PHENYLALANINE Reagent Droppers20 bottles x 2.5 mLLiofilchem
    LI-87005OXIDASE Reagent Droppers20 x 1 mLLiofilchem
    LI-87006Vaseline Oil Droppers10 bottles x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-87007VP (KOH) Reagent Droppers20 bottles x 2.5 mLLiofilchem
    LI-87008Lactophenol Cotton Blue Droppers10 bottles x 10 mLLiofilchem
    LI-87009Methyl Red Droppers20 bottles x 2.5 mLLiofilchem
    LI-87101GRAM COLOR KIT Droppers8 bottles x 12 mLLiofilchem
    LI-87500Easy Dry Chromatic Coliform ISO100 padsLiofilchem
    LI-87501Easy Dry Plate Count + TTC100 padsLiofilchem
    LI-87502Easy Dry Violet Red Bile Glucose100 padsLiofilchem
    LI-87503Easy Dry TBX100 padsLiofilchem
    LI-87504Easy Dry m-Endo LES100 padsLiofilchem
    LI-87505Easy Dry Pseudomonas CN100 padsLiofilchem
    LI-87506Easy Dry m-Faecal Coliform100 padsLiofilchem
    LI-87507Easy Dry Slanetz Bartley100 padsLiofilchem
    LI-87508Easy Dry Bile Aesculin Azide100 padsLiofilchem
    LI-87509Easy Dry Streptococcal KF + TTC100 padsLiofilchem
    LI-87510Easy Dry Sabouraud Dextrose100 padsLiofilchem
    LI-87511Easy Dry M-Green Yeast & Mold100 padsLiofilchem
    LI-87512Easy Dry Tryptic Soy100 padsLiofilchem
    LI-87513Easy Dry Yeast Extract100 padsLiofilchem
    LI-87514Easy Dry MacConkey100 padsLiofilchem
    LI-87515Easy Dry Chromatic Salmonella100 padsLiofilchem
    LI-87516Easy Dry C-EC MF100 padsLiofilchem
    LI-87517Easy Dry Tergitol100 padsLiofilchem
    LI-87518Easy Dry Tergitol + TTC100 padsLiofilchem
    LI-87519Easy Dry Chromatic Coli Coliform100 padsLiofilchem
    LI-87520Easy Dry Orange Serum100 padsLiofilchem
    LI-88003OXIDASE TEST SWABS30 testLiofilchem
    LI-88004OXIDASE TEST DISC30 discLiofilchem
    LI-88005O.N.P.G. TEST30 testLiofilchem
    LI-88006E.COLI TEST30 testLiofilchem
    LI-88007HIPPURATE TEST30 testLiofilchem
    LI-88008AESCULIN BILE TEST30 testLiofilchem
    LI-88009NITRATE TEST30 testLiofilchem
    LI-88010LISTERIA MONO TEST20 testLiofilchem
    LI-88011UREA RAPID TEST30 testLiofilchem
    LI-88013H2S RAPID TEST30 testLiofilchem
    LI-88014LYSINE DECARBOXYLASE TEST30 testLiofilchem
    LI-88016ARGININE DECARBOXYLASE TEST30 testLiofilchem
    LI-88017INDOLE TEST30 testLiofilchem
    LI-88020S F RAPID TEST30 testLiofilchem
    LI-88021CAMP TEST-S30 testLiofilchem
    LI-88023CATALASE/OXY TEST30 testLiofilchem
    LI-88024UREA / INDOLE TEST30 testLiofilchem
    LI-88027CAMP TEST-R30 testLiofilchem
    LI-88028PEPTIDASE A TEST30 testLiofilchem
    LI-88029OXIDASE TEST STICK50 testsLiofilchem
    LI-88029NOxidase Test Stick50 testsLiofilchem
    LI-88030COAGULASE TEST40 testLiofilchem
    LI-88031GRAM TEST STICK30 testLiofilchem
    LI-88032INDOLO TEST STICK30 testLiofilchem
    LI-88033BETA LACTAMASE TEST30 testLiofilchem
    LI-88034PEPTIDASE A STICK30 testLiofilchem
    LI-88040C 39050 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-88041BRILLIANT GREEN 100 ug50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-88042CITRATE TEST30 testLiofilchem
    LI-88043O129 DISC 150 ug50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-88044O129 DISC 10 ug50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-88105O.N.P.G. TEST5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-89021Aspergillus brasiliensis ATCC ® 164045 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89022Bacillus cereus ATCC ® 117785 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89023Bacillus subtilis ATCC ® 66335 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89024Candida albicans ATCC ® 102315 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89025Enterococcus faecalis ATCC ® 194335 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89026Enterococcus faecalis ATCC ® 292125 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89027Escherichia coli ATCC ® 259225 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89028Escherichia coli ATCC ® 87395 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89029Listeria innocua ATCC ® 330905 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89030Listeria ivanovii ATCC ® 191195 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89031Listeria monocytogenes ATCC ® 191115 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89032Proteus mirabilis ATCC ® 259335 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89033Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC ® 278535 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89034Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC ® 90275 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89035Rhodococcus equi ATCC ® 69395 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89036Saccharomyces cerevisiae ATCC ® 97635 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89037Salmonella typhimurium ATCC ® 140285 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89038Shigella flexneri ATCC ® 120225 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89039Staphylococcus aureus NCTC 124935 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89040Staphylococcus aureus ATCC ® 259235 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89041Staphylococcus aureus ATCC ® 292135 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89042Staphylococcus aureus ATCC ® 338625 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89043Staphylococcus aureus ATCC ® 433005 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89044Staphylococcus aureus ATCC ® 65385 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89045Staphylococcus epidermidis ATCC ® 122285 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89046Streptococcus agalactiae ATCC ® 138135 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89047Streptococcus pneumoniae ATCC ® 496195 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89048Streptococcus pyogenes ATCC ® 196155 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89049Proteus mirabilis ATCC ® 124535 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89050Yersinia enterocolitica ATCC ® 96105 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89051Listeria monocytogenes ATCC ® 191155 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89052Legionella pneumophila subsp. pneumophila ATCC ® 331525 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89053Clostridium perfringens ATCC ® 131245 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89054Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Typhimurium ATCC ® 133115 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89055Lactobacillus paracasei subsp. paracasei ATCC ® BAA-525 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89056Vibrio parahaemolyticus ATCC ® 178025 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89057Aspergillus fumigatus ATCC ® 2043055 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89058Shigella sonnei ATCC ® 259315 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89059Clostridium sordellii ATCC ® 97145 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89060Listeria monocytogenes ATCC ® 76445 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89061Streptococcus bovis ATCC ® 333175 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89062Streptococcus mutans ATCC ® 251755 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89063Streptococcus pneumoniae ATCC ® 273365 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89064Streptococcus sanguinis ATCC ® 105565 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89065Enterobacter cloacae subsp. cloacae ATCC ® BAA-11435 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89066Enterococcus faecalis ATCC ® 495325 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89067Enterococcus faecalis ATCC ® 495335 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89068Escherichia coli NCTC 119545 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89069Klebsiella pneumoniae ATCC ® BAA-21465 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89070Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae ATCC ® 7006035 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89071Candida parapsilosis ATCC ® 220195 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89072Candida albicans ATCC ® 900285 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89073Issatchenkia orientalis ATCC ® 62585 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89074Neisseria gonorrhoeae ATCC ® 194245 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89075Neisseria gonorrhoeae ATCC ® 314265 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89076Haemophilus influenzae ATCC ® 497665 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89077Haemophilus influenzae ATCC ® 492475 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89078Bacteroides fragilis ATCC ® 252855 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89079Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron ATCC ® 297415 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89080Lactobacillus acidophilus ATCC ® 43565 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89081Lactobacillus leichmannii ATCC ® 47975 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89082Lactococcus lactis ATCC ® 194355 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89083Proteus mirabilis ATCC ® 299065 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89084Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Enteritidis ATCC ® 130765 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89085Listeria monocytogenes ATCC ® 139325 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89086Campylobacter jejuni ATCC ® 332915 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89087Klebsiella pneumoniae ATCC ® BAA-17065 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89088Klebsiella pneumoniae ATCC ® BAA-17055 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89089Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae ATCC ® 138835 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89090Clostridium difficile ATCC ® 96895 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89091Aggregatibacter aphrophilus ATCC ® 79015 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89092Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus ATCC ® 7006985 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89093Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus ATCC ® 7006995 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89094Plesiomonas shigelloides ATCC ® 140295 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89095Clostridium sporogenes ATCC ® 194045 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89096Micrococcus luteus ATCC ® 102405 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89097Candida tropicalis ATCC ® 7505 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89098Candida krusei ATCC ® 142435 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89099Gardnerella vaginalis ATCC ® 140185 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89100Lactobacillus fermentum ATCC ® 93385 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89101Listeria grayi ATCC ® 254015 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89102Micrococcus luteus ATCC ® 46985 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89103Moraxella (Branhamella) catarrhalis ATCC ® 252385 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89104Neisseria gonorrhoeae ATCC ® 492265 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89105Proteus mirabilis ATCC ® 356595 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89106Proteus mirabilis ATCC ® 430715 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89107Proteus vulgaris ATCC ® 63805 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89108Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC ® 101455 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89109Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC ® 154425 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89110Pseudomonas fluorescens ATCC ® 135255 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89111Bacteroides ovatus ATCC ® 84835 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89112Clostridium histolyticum ATCC ® 194015 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89113Bacteroides fragilis ATCC ® 237455 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89114Actinomyces odontolyticus ATCC ® 179295 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89115Enterococcus faecalis ATCC ® 331865 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89116Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus ATCC ® 335915 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89117Enterococcus faecium ATCC ® 515595 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89118Fusobacterium nucleatum ATCC ® 255865 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89119Aeromonas hydrophila ATCC ® 79665 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89120Haemophilus influenzae ATCC ® 102115 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89121Serratia marcescens ATCC ® 81005 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89122Neisseria gonorrhoeae ATCC ® 499815 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89123Haemophilus haemolyticus ATCC ® 333905 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89124Haemophilus influenzae ATCC ® 335335 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89125Providencia stuartii ATCC ® 336725 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89126Staphylococcus haemolyticus ATCC ® 299705 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89127Streptococcus anginosus ATCC ® 333975 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89128Streptococcus dysgalactiae subsp.equisimilis ATCC ® 123885 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89129Streptococcus mitis ATCC ® 62495 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89130Streptococcus pyogenes ATCC ® 493995 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89131Streptococcus salivarius ATCC® 134195 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89132Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Abony NCTC 60175 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89133Staphylococcus xylosus ATCC ® 299715 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89134Prevotella melaninogenica ATCC ® 258455 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89135Propionibacterium acnes ATCC® 118275 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89136Haemophilus influenzae NCTC 84685 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89137Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus ATCC ®190955 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89138Cronobacter sakazakii ATCC ® 295445 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89139Bordetella bronchiseptica ATCC ® 46175 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89140Trichophyton mentagrophytes ATCC ® 95335 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89141Acinetobacter baumannii ATCC ® BAA-7475 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89142Haemophilus influenzae Type c ATCC ® 90075 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89143Listeria monocytogenes ATCC ® BAA-7515 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89144Vibrio alginolyticus ATCC ® 177495 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89145Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni ATCC ® 335605 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89146Citrobacter freundii ATCC ® 438645 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89147Burkholderia cepacia ATCC ® 254165 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89148Listeria monocytogenes ATCC ® 351525 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89149Stenotrophomonas maltophilia ATCC ® 136375 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89150Klebsiella pneumoniae ATCC ® BAA-11445 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89151Legionella pneumophila subsp. fraseri ATCC ® 331565 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89152Enterococcus faecium ATCC ® 60575 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89153Staphylococcus saprophyticus ATCC ® 153055 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89154Salmonella enterica subsp. arizonae ATCC ® 133145 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89155Bacillus cereus ATCC ® 108765 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89156Enterobacter aerogenes ATCC ® 130485 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89157Fluoribacter bozemanae ATCC ® 332175 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89158Cronobacter muytjensii ATCC ® 513295 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89159Citrobacter freundii ATCC ® 80905 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89161Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Paratyphi A ATCC ® 91505 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89162Porphyromonas gingivalis ATCC ® 332775 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89163Escherichia coli ATCC ® 352185 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89164Neisseria meningitidis ATCC ® 130905 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89165Peptostreptococcus anaerobius ATCC ® 273375 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89166Burkholderia cepacia ATCC ® 256085 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89167Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni ATCC ® 294285 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89168Yersinia enterocolitica subsp. enterocolitica ATCC ® 237155 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89169Aeromonas hydrophila ATCC ® 356545 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89170Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus ATCC ® BAA-445 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89171Enterococcus faecium ATCC ® 194345 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89172Enterococcus faecium ATCC ® BAA-23195 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89173Enterococcus faecalis ATCC ® 512995 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89174Acinetobacter baumannii ATCC ® 196065 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89175Streptococcus pneumoniae ATCC ® 7006715 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89176Haemophilus influenzae ATCC ® 333915 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89177Candida albicans ATCC ® 188045 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89178Candida albicans ATCC ® 641245 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89179Shigella boydii ATCC ® 92075 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89180Shigella sonnei ATCC ® 92905 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89181Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus ATCC ® 494765 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89182Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus ATCC ® 91445 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89183Candida albicans ATCC ® 140535 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89184Escherichia coli ATCC ® 113035 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89185Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Hillingdon ATCC® 91845 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89186Streptococcus salivarius subsp. thermophilus ATCC ®192585 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89187Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae ATCC ® 194145 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89188Listeria monocytogenes ATCC ® 153135 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89189Nocardia brasiliensis ATCC ® 192965 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89190Proteus hauseri ATCC ® 133155 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89191Serratia marcescens ATCC ® 147565 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89192Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae ATCC ® 43525 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89193Bacteroides ovatus ATCC ® BAA-12965 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89194Stenotrophomonas maltophilia ATCC ® 176665 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89195Enterococcus casseliflavus ATCC ® 7003275 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89196Eikenella corrodens ATCC ® BAA-11525 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89197Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Typhimurium ATCC ® 494165 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89198Shigella flexneri ATCC ® 91995 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89199Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae ATCC ® 314885 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89200Enterobacter cloacae ATCC ® 491415 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89202Staphylococcus epidermidis ATCC ® 149905 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89203Geobacillus stearothermophilus ATCC ® 79535 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89204Lactobacillus rhamnosus ATCC ® 531035 pelletsLiofilchem
    LI-89501Aspergillus brasiliensis ATCC ® 164041 pellet + 1 rehydrating fluidLiofilchem
    LI-89502Bacillus cereus ATCC ® 108761 pellet + 1 rehydrating fluidLiofilchem
    LI-89503Bacillus subtilis subsp. spizizenii ATCC ® 66331 pellet + 1 rehydrating fluidLiofilchem
    LI-89505Bacteroides fragilis ATCC ® 252851 pellet + 1 rehydrating fluidLiofilchem
    LI-89506Brevundimonas diminuta ATCC ® 191461 pellet + 1 rehydrating fluidLiofilchem
    LI-89507Burkholderia cepacia ATCC ® 254161 pellet + 1 rehydrating fluidLiofilchem
    LI-89508Candida albicans ATCC ® 102311 pellet + 1 rehydrating fluidLiofilchem
    LI-89510Candida albicans ATCC ® 20911 pellet + 1 rehydrating fluidLiofilchem
    LI-89512Clostridium perfringens ATCC ® 131241 pellet + 1 rehydrating fluidLiofilchem
    LI-89513Clostridium sporogenes ATCC ® 114371 pellet + 1 rehydrating fluidLiofilchem
    LI-89514Clostridium sporogenes ATCC® 194041 pellet + 1 rehydrating fluidLiofilchem
    LI-89516Enterobacter aerogenes ATCC ® 130481 pellet + 1 rehydrating fluidLiofilchem
    LI-89517Enterococcus faecalis ATCC ® 292121 pellet + 1 rehydrating fluidLiofilchem
    LI-89518Enterococcus faecalis ATCC ® 70801 pellet + 1 rehydrating fluidLiofilchem
    LI-89519Escherichia coli ATCC ® 87391 pellet + 1 rehydrating fluidLiofilchem
    LI-89521Geobacillus stearothermophilus ATCC ® 129801 pellet + 1 rehydrating fluidLiofilchem
    LI-89522Geobacillus stearothermophilus ATCC ® 79531 pellet + 1 rehydrating fluidLiofilchem
    LI-89523Kocuria rhizophila ATCC ® 93411 pellet + 1 rehydrating fluidLiofilchem
    LI-89524Lactobacillus fermentum ATCC ® 93381 pellet + 1 rehydrating fluidLiofilchem
    LI-89525Listeria monocytogenes ATCC ® 191151 pellet + 1 rehydrating fluidLiofilchem
    LI-89526Micrococcus luteus ATCC ® 46981 pellet + 1 rehydrating fluidLiofilchem
    LI-89527Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC ® 278531 pellet + 1 rehydrating fluidLiofilchem
    LI-89528Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC ® 90271 pellet + 1 rehydrating fluidLiofilchem
    LI-89529Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Choleraesuis ATCC ® 107081 pellet + 1 rehydrating fluidLiofilchem
    LI-89530Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Typhimurium ATCC ® 133111 pellet + 1 rehydrating fluidLiofilchem
    LI-89531Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Typhimurium ATCC ® 140281 pellet + 1 rehydrating fluidLiofilchem
    LI-89532Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Abony NCTC 60171 pellet + 1 rehydrating fluidLiofilchem
    LI-89533Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus ATCC ® 259231 pellet + 1 rehydrating fluidLiofilchem
    LI-89534Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus ATCC ® 6538P1 pellet + 1 rehydrating fluidLiofilchem
    LI-89535Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus ATCC ® 65381 pellet + 1 rehydrating fluidLiofilchem
    LI-89537Staphylococcus epidermidis ATCC ® 122281 pellet + 1 rehydrating fluidLiofilchem
    LI-89538Streptococcus pyogenes ATCC ® 196151 pellet + 1 rehydrating fluidLiofilchem
    LI-9001NALIDIXIC ACID NA 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9001/1NALIDIXIC ACID NA 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9002OXOLINIC ACID OA 2 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9002/1OXOLINIC ACID OA 2 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9003PIPEMIDIC ACID PI 20 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9003/1PIPEMIDIC ACID PI 20 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9004AMIKACIN AK 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9004/1AMIKACIN AK 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9005AMOXICILLIN AML 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9005/1AMOXICILLIN AML 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9006AMPICILLIN AMP 10 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9006/1AMPICILLIN AMP 10 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9007AZLOCILLIN AZL 75 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9007/1AZLOCILLIN AZL 75 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9008AZTREONAM ATM 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9008/1AZTREONAM ATM 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9009CARBENICILLIN CAR 100 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9009/1CARBENICILLIN CAR 100 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9010CEFACLOR CEC 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9010/1CEFACLOR CEC 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9011CEPHALEXIN CL 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9011/1CEPHALEXIN CL 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9013CEPHALOTHIN KF 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9013/1CEPHALOTHIN KF 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9014CEFAMANDOLE MA 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9014/1CEFAMANDOLE MA 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9015CEFAZOLIN KZ 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9015/1CEFAZOLIN KZ 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9016CEFOPERAZONE CFP 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9016/1CEFOPERAZONE CFP 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9017CEFOTAXIME CTX 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9017/1CEFOTAXIME CTX 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9018CEFOXITIN FOX 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9018/1CEFOXITIN FOX 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9019CEFTAZIDIME CAZ 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9019/1CEFTAZIDIME CAZ 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9020CEFTRIAXONE CRO 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9020/1CEFTRIAXONE CRO 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9021CEFUROXIME CXM 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9021/1CEFUROXIME CXM 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9022CHLORAMPHENICOL C 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9022/1CHLORAMPHENICOL C 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9023COLISTIN SULFATE CS 10 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9023/1COLISTIN SULFATE CS 10 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9024ERYTHROMYCIN E 15 ug5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9024/1ERYTHROMYCIN E 15 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9025FOSFOMYCIN FOS 50 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9025/1FOSFOMYCIN FOS 50 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9026GENTAMICIN CN 10 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9026/1GENTAMICIN CN 10 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9027KANAMYCIN K 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9027/1KANAMYCIN K 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9028LINCOMYCIN MY 2 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9028/1LINCOMYCIN MY 2 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9029METHICILLIN MET 5 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9029/1METHICILLIN MET 5 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9030MINOCYCLINE MN 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9030/1MINOCYCLINE MN 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9031Ampicillin-sulbactam AMS 20 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9031/1Ampicillin-sulbactam AMS 20 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9032NEOMYCIN N 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9032/1NEOMYCIN N 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9033NETILMICIN NET 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9033/1NETILMICIN NET 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9034NITROFURANTOIN F 300 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9034/1NITROFURANTOIN F 300 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9035NORFLOXACIN NOR 10 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9035/1NORFLOXACIN NOR 10 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9036OXACILLIN OX 1 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9036/1OXACILLIN OX 1 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9037PENICILLIN G P 10 IU5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9037/1PENICILLIN G P 10 IU50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9038PIPERACILLIN PRL 100 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9038/1PIPERACILLIN PRL 100 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9039RIFAMPICIN RD 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9039/1RIFAMPICIN RD 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9040STREPTOMYCIN S 10 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9040/1STREPTOMYCIN S 10 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9041SULFAFURAZOLE SF 300 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9041/1SULFAFURAZOLE SF 300 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9043TETRACYCLINE TE 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9043/1TETRACYCLINE TE 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9044TOBRAMYCIN TOB 10 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9044/1TOBRAMYCIN TOB 10 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9045VANCOMYCIN VA 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9045/1VANCOMYCIN VA 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9046SISOMYCIN SIS 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9046/1SISOMYCIN SIS 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9047CLINDAMYCIN CD 2 ug5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9047/1CLINDAMYCIN CD 2 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9048Amoxicillin-clavulanic acid AUG 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9048/1Amoxicillin-clavulanic acid AUG 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9049FUSIDIC ACID FC 10 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9049/1FUSIDIC ACID FC 10 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9050TEICOPLANIN TEC 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9050/1TEICOPLANIN TEC 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9051BACITRACIN BA 10 IU5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9051/1BACITRACIN BA 10 IU50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9052CEFADROXIL CDX 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9052/1CEFADROXIL CDX 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9053CEFSULODIN CSD 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9053/1CEFSULODIN CSD 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9054CEFTIZOXIME CZX 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9054/1CEFTIZOXIME CZX 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9055CEPHRADINE CE 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9055/1CEPHRADINE CE 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9056CIPROFLOXACIN CIP 5 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9056/1CIPROFLOXACIN CIP 5 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9057CINOXACIN CIN 100 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9057/1CINOXACIN CIN 100 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9058CLOXACILLIN CX 5 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9058/1CLOXACILLIN CX 5 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9059DOXYCYCLINE DXT 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9059/1DOXYCYCLINE DXT 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9060ROXITHROMYCIN RXT 15 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9060/1ROXITHROMYCIN RXT 15 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9061ERTAPENEM ETP 10 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9061/1ERTAPENEM ETP 10 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9062MEZLOCILLIN MEZ 75 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9062/1MEZLOCILLIN MEZ 75 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9063NOVOBIOCIN NO 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9063/1NOVOBIOCIN NO 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9064CEFPODOXIME PX 10 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9064/1CEFPODOXIME PX 10 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9065OXYTETRACYCLINE OT 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9065/1OXYTETRACYCLINE OT 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9066POLYMYXIN B PB 100 IU5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9066/1POLYMYXIN B PB 100 IU50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9067SPECTINOMYCIN SPC 100 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9067/1SPECTINOMYCIN SPC 100 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9068MEROPENEM MRP 10 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9068/1MEROPENEM MRP 10 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9069FLUCONAZOLE FLU 100 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9069/1FLUCONAZOLE FLU 100 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9070TICARCILLIN TC 75 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9070/1TICARCILLIN TC 75 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9071AMPHOTERICIN B AMB 20 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9071/1AMPHOTERICIN B AMB 20 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9072ECONAZOLE ECN 10 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9072/1ECONAZOLE ECN 10 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9073FLUCYTOSINE AFY 1 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9073/1FLUCYTOSINE AFY 1 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9074GRISEOFULVIN AGF 10 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9074/1GRISEOFULVIN AGF 10 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9075KETOCONAZOLE KCA 10 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9075/1KETOCONAZOLE KCA 10 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9076METRONIDAZOLE MTZ 5 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9076/1METRONIDAZOLE MTZ 5 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9077MICONAZOLE MCL 10 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9077/1MICONAZOLE MCL 10 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9078NYSTATIN NY 100 IU5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9078/1NYSTATIN NY 100 IU50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9079IMIPENEM IMI 10 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9079/1IMIPENEM IMI 10 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9080OFLOXACIN OFX 5 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9080/1OFLOXACIN OFX 5 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9081CEFOTETAN CTT 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9081/1CEFOTETAN CTT 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9082TYLOSIN TY 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9082/1TYLOSIN TY 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9083TRIMETHOPRIM TM 2.5 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9083/1TRIMETHOPRIM TM 2.5 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9084SULFAMETHOXAZOLE SMX 50 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9084/1SULFAMETHOXAZOLE SMX 50 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9085Imipenem+Phenylboronic acid IMI+BO5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9085/1Imipenem+Phenylboronic acid IMI+BO50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9086IMIPENEM+CLOXACILLIN IMI+CL5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9087EDTA ED5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9087/1EDTA ED50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9088SPIRAMYCIN SP 100 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9088/1SPIRAMYCIN SP 100 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9089CEFIXIME CFM 5 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9089/1CEFIXIME CFM 5 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9090Daptomycin DAP 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9090/1Daptomycin DAP 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9091PEFLOXACIN PEF 5 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9091/1PEFLOXACIN PEF 5 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9093DICLOXACILLIN DCX 1 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9093/1DICLOXACILLIN DCX 1 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9094TIAMULIN T 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9094/1TIAMULIN T 30 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9096TICARCILLIN-CLAVUL.Ac. TTC 85 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9096/1TICARCILLIN-CLAVUL.Ac. TTC 85 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9097CLOTRIMAZOLE CLO 50 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9097/1CLOTRIMAZOLE CLO 50 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9098CLARITHROMYCIN CLR 15 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9098/1CLARITHROMYCIN CLR 15 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9099FURAZOLIDON FR 50 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9099/1FURAZOLIDON FR 50 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9100Piperacillin-tazobactam TZP 110 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9100/1Piperacillin-tazobactam TZP 110 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-91001MINI-STRIP CONTROL GST E6 Liofilchem
    LI-9101CEFTIBUTEN CTB 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9101/1CEFTIBUTEN CTB 30 µg 50 Discs50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9102LEVOFLOXACIN LEV 5 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9102/1LEVOFLOXACIN LEV 5 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9103MOXIFLOXACIN MXF 5 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9103/1MOXIFLOXACIN MXF 5 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9104CEFEPIME FEP 30 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9104/1CEFEPIME FEP 30 ug50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-91040STERIL CONTROL GST E6 AMPOULES 50 ampoules x 1 mL + 10 negative controlsLiofilchem
    LI-91048OXI CONTROL E4 PLX 20 coupons + 20 tubesLiofilchem
    LI-9105AZITHROMYCIN AZM 15 µg5x50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-9105/1AZITHROMYCIN AZM 15 µg50 DiscLiofilchem
    LI-91050STERIL CONTROL GST E6 AMPOULES 50 ampoules x 4 mLLiofilchem
    LI-91052STERIL CONTROL GST E5 AMPOULES 50 ampoules x 4 mLLiofilchem