Biotech-IgG is a supplier of cutting-edge quality products for health care diagnostics
and for research, routine and process scale applications for the LifeScience and food markets


Kits and reagents (RIA, IRMA, EIA, ELISA, IEMA and LIA) for use in research and routine diagnostic laboratories. Automated systems for clinical laboratories. 


Instruments for clinical applications, liquid handling, small scale cell culture and fermentation, plus specialist instruments, bio-imaging instruments and software.

Radioisotope chromatography

Specialist solutions for the detection and quantification of radioisotopic compounds, in R&D, pharmaco and metabolite kinetics or PET tracer research/production.


Products and instruments for use in manufacturing processes, primarily in protein production, involving i.e. cell culture, high resolution separation and purification.

Molecular biology

Assays and reagents, top-of-the-range PCR/HRM instrumentation


Meet us here 2014:

  • Feb 5-6: NorTick Congress, Stavanger, Norway                                                                      
  • March 7-8: Danish Society of Clinical Microbiology, Nyborg, Denmark
  • March 14: Dansk Congress i Klinisk Biokemi, Horsens, Denmark

  • April 9-11: Mikrobiologiskt vårmöte, Trollhättan, Sweden  
  • May 7-9: Vårmöte i patologi, Eskilstuna, Sweden                        
  • May 10-13: ECCMID, Barcelona, Spain                                                           
  • May 22-23: Vårmøte i medisinsk mikrobiologi og infeksjonsmedisin, Lillestrøm, Norway   
  • September 16-19: Nordic Congress in Clinical Chemistry, Göteborg, Sweden                                                             
  • October 28-30: Lab 14, Lillestrøm, Norway       
  • November 12-15: Medica 2014, Düsseldorf, Germany                                        

Biotech-IgG, becomes the 11th member of the European In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) grouping DiaMondiaL in Vienna (Austria) on 27th of September 2013. Please visit the Media Gallery

1 test. 20 pathogens. All in about an hour!



The FilmArray is an FDA-cleared multiplex PCR test that integrates sample preparation, amplification, detection and analysis all into one system. Its turnaround time is just about an hour, giving you faster results which may lead to better patient care.

  • Respiratory panel (IVD) - Know in about an hour if the patient sample is positive for up to 20 viral and bacterial pathogens.          
  • Blood Culture ID panel (RUO) - The FilmArray Blood Culture ID Panel tests positive aerobic blood cultures for 24 pathogens and 3 antibiotic resistance genes associated with bloodstream infections.

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