Scandinavian Distributor of Medical Diagnostic and Life Science Products


Kits and reagents (RIA, IRMA, EIA, ELISA, IEMA and LIA) for use in research and routine diagnostic laboratories. Single-use rapid tests.

Molecular Diagnostics

Assays and reagents for real-time PCR, top-of-the-range PCR/HRM instrumentation, point-of-care testing.

Life Science

Clinical microbiology, nuclear instrumentation, radiochemicals, automatic liquid handling, antibodies & proteins.

Upcoming meetings

  • October 26-27 - NMMD
    Skövde, Sverige

  • November 13-16 - Medica
    Düsseldorf, Germany

Polyclonal Antibodies Available

Santa Cruz Biotechology is no longer offering polyclonal antibodies from goats and rabbits. We are happy to assist you with the continuation of your experiments and offer replacement products from Cloud Clone for nearly all Santa Cruz's polyclonals. All Cloud Clone polyclonals are in stock and are ready for immediate shipment.

Contact us now and receive a 430 SEK or 340 DKK rebate on 100 ug of polyclonal antibody ordered!