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New- T2Candida® Panel

The T2Candida®  Panel revolutionizes sepsis diagnosis. It is the first sepsis pathogen diagnostic panel requiring no blood culture, delivering faster, easier and accurate results in an average of 4.3 hours. Run on the fully-automated T2Dx Instrument, the T2Candida Panel identifies the five clinically relevant species of Candida directly from whole blood which enables physicians to initiate appropriate therapy on day zero.

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NEW - SuperARMS® EGFR T790M Mutation Detection Kit

Real-time PCR Assay to detect EGFR T790M Mutation in plasma sample

SuperARMS® EGFR kits are highly sensitive real-time PCR-based test designed to identify ctDNA EGFR mutation in plasma samples for patients with advanced or metastatic NSCLC. The kits adoptinnovative ADx-SuperARMS technology which is upgraded from ADx-ARMS technology. Itsoptimized reaction system can rapidly and accurately detect a low percentage of mutant ctDNA in abackground of wild-type DNA.

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NEW - Available now Liofilchem® products both in Sweden and Denmark.

  • Microbial identification and susceptibility testing systems

  • MIC Test Strip

  • Antibiotic discs in cartridges

  • Dehydrated culture media

  • Selective supplements

  • Ready-to-use culture media 

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NOW - New chromogenic culture media specially made for the Nordic market: Chromogen ESBL + AmpC!!  Read more

NEW- Multiplex PCR Kit for HCV/HBV/HIV-1/HIV-2

AmpliSens real-time Mulitplex PCR kit for HCV/HBV/HIV-1/HIV-2. One-step RT PCR detection and differentiation Kit.

We have a wide range of PCR kits for infectious disease available in multiplex and monoplex formats. Including Hepatitis kits for A,B,C, D & G!

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