Exclusive distribution agreement for a unique diagnostic system for health care

Biotech-IgG AB has signed an exclusive contract with the U.S. company Biofire Diagnostics, Inc. (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA) for the distribution of the Film Array® System, a user-friendly diagnostic system for health care, consisting of instrumentation and consumable reagent supplies. The agreement gives Biotech-IgG AB exclusive rights to sell the Film Array ® System within the Swedish and Danish territories. The system will be validated in collaboration with Swedish and Danish hospitals during January-February 2013, after which sales are expected to start in the second quarter of 2013. According to Biotech-IgG’s own assessments, the agreement will provide significant sales growth for the Group already in 2013.


"We are very excited to have the FilmArray® System in our product line and have already noted an increasing interest of these products. The advances in molecular assays, such as the FilmArray® System, now allow for highly sensitive and accurate multi analyte platforms that can screen for wide variety of viruses and bacteria within an hour. This is an exciting development for microbiology and infectious disease testing and will ultimately improve patient management and reduce costs," says Dr. Kirstin Kriz, Managing Director of Biotech-IgG A /S, Marketing Manager for Biotech-IgG group.


Film Array ® System

The FilmArray® System is developed by Biofire Diagnostics Inc. and is an easy-to-use multiplex PCR system that can be used in a variety of diagnostics applications. The FilmArray® System integrates sample preparation, amplification, detection, and analysis all into one complete process that delivers accurate results in about an hour. Training is minimal and laboratory technicians only need 2 minutes of hands-on time with no precise pipetting required. The respiratory reagent panel will be validated during Q1 and it tests for a comprehensive panel of 21 respiratory viruses and bacteria that cause upper respiratory tract infections (URTI) including influenza A & B, RSV and mycoplasma pneumoniae. Reagent panels that test for pathogens that cause blood infections, common gastrointestinal infections and infectious diarrhea will be released later in the year. Target customers include emergency rooms, intensive care units, pediatric wards and medical centers. Faster results may improve patient management, limit the spread of disease, and reduce overall healthcare costs.


The Board


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Contact person: Ass Prof Dario Kriz, CEO

Chairman: Dr Margareta Krook



The parent Biotech-IgG AB provides products and consulting services targeted at a well-defined group of customers operating in the analysis, production and development of proteins, especially antibodies. The subsidiary is a supplier of a wide range of immune diagnostics, e.g. for hospitals to detect disease as well as products for research, routine and process applications for the food and biotechnology industries. Biotech-IgG Group vision is to become the leading Scandinavian distributor of immune diagnostics and life science products to the healthcare industry and that also offers a complete line of proprietary products for a well-defined customer group active in the analysis, production and development of proteins, especially antibodies.

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