Agreement on ending of engagement

Alistair Hurst and Biotech-IgG have signed an agreement terminating all engagements of Alistair Hurst within the Biotech-IgG Group effective 31st. December, 2011.  The engagements have included Director of Sales in the Biotech-IgG Group and Managing Director of the subsidiary companies Biotech-IgG A/S and Biotech-IgG (UK) Ltd. Alistair Hurst leaves his engagements for personal reasons. Alistair Hurst has due to long-term sick-leave been absent from any company activities since 27th. June, 2011.


The Board


Biotech-IgG AB, Scheelevägen 19F:2, 223 70 LUND, tel +46-(0)46-286 45 00, fax +46-(0)46-286 45 45,

Internet: www.biotech-igg.com, mail info@biotech-igg.com.

Contact person: Dr Kirstin Kriz, CEO

Chairman of the Board: Dr Margareta Krook

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