Communique extra general meeting

The meeting unanimously decided to approve the suggestion from the board according to the below:

The board suggests that the extra general meeting decides to increase the share capital through a new share issue with subscription rights to the shareholders. The preceeding new share issue with subscription time between 4-18 April 2011 gave 1.9 MSEK of the 5.1 MSEK asked for. The board intend to ask for the rest of this amount of highest 3.2 MSEK to secure the market and production operations of the group until a positive cash flow is reached.

With the above as background the board suggests the extra general meeting to decide upon:

to  increase the share capital with highest 3 200 000 SEK by new share issuing of 3 200 000 shares of series B;

to for each subscribed share shall be paid 1.00 SEK (which corresponds to the quota value 1.00 SEK);

to that the new share issue shall be performed with subscription rights to the shareholders, so that four (4) old shares of series B shall give right to subscribe for one (1) new share of series B;

to that the record day for decision of which shareholders have the right to subscribe with subscription rights shall be June 17, 2011;

to that subscription shall be possible from June 21 until July 5, 2011, with right for the board to prolong the subscription period;

to that subscription with subscription rights shall be made against cash payment;

to that trading with subscription rights shall take place during  the period June 21-30, 2011;

to that in the event that not all shares are subscribed for with subscription rights, subscription without subscription rights shall be possible within the limit of the highest amount of the new share issue, whereas alotment at over subscription shall take place according to paragraph 4 in the articles of association;

to that subscription without subscription rights shall take place from June 21 to July 5, 2011 on the set form;

to that payment for shares subscribed for without subscription rights shall be cash after decision of alotment by the board has been sent to the subscriber, day of payment is latest July 12, 2011;

to that at subscription without subscription rights the size of the post shall be 2 000 shares;

to that giving out and trading of paid subscribed shares (BTA), so called interim shares shall take place;

to that the newly issued shares shall give right to dividend from the present fiscal year; and

to that the board, or the one appointed by the board, shall have the right to make any smaller changes necessary in connection to the registration at the Swedish Bolagsverket or Euroclear Sweden AB (earlier VPC AB)

The Board

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web www.chemel.com, mail info@chemel.com.

CEO and contact person: Dr Kirstin Kriz

Chairman: Dr Margareta Krook

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