Suggestion of nomination committee to board, auditor and remuneration

The suggestion of the nomination committee regarding board members, chairman of the board, auditors and remuneration to the board and auditors to the annual general meeting in Chemel AB May 3, 2011 has been given.

The suggestion is as follows:

Suggestion regarding election of board members, chairman, auditors and remuneration to the board and auditors (item 8-10 on the agenda)

8. The number of board members shall be four, without any deputies.

9. Remuneration to the board until the end of the annual general meeting 2012 shall be given with totally 75 000 SEK to be divided according to the following: the chairman shall have 30 000 SEK and the other board members shall each have 15 000 SEK. No remuneration shall be given for any eventual committee work. Board members that perform work for the company outside the work of the board shall be able to get reasonable remuneration for such work after decision by the board.

Remuneration of the auditor is suggested to be made according to approved invoice.

10. Re-election of the board members Margareta Krook, Margareta Pené and Edvard Skodic. New election of Ulric Aspegrén for the period until the end of the annual general meeting 2012.

Margareta Krook is suggested to be the chairman

Auditor was chosen 2009 for a four-year period, why election of auditor is not up for suggestion to this annual general meeting.

Motivation of the suggestion of the nomination committee of Chemel AB:

As basic documentation for its work, the nomination committee has at the suggestion of the size and composition of the board taken into account the guidelines given by § 4 Swedish Code for Company Management. This work has resulted in that the nomination committee suggests that the operations and future direction of the company may best be conducted by a board consisting of the suggested candidates.

The Board

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Contact person: Dr Margareta Krook, Temporary CEO

Chairman: Ass Prof Dario Kriz

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