Outcome new share issue

Chemel AB (publ) has ended its new share issuing with subscription rights for the shareholders. The subscription ratio in the issuing held between 4/04/2011 and 18/04/2011 amounted to 37 percent. The group is provided with funds of 1.9 MSEK before issuing costs that are expected to amount to ca 250 TSEK.

The board judges that the subscribed capital is enough to cover the need of working capital for the near twelve month period.

The Board

Chemel AB


Chemel AB, Scheelevägen 19F:2, 223 70 LUND, tel +46-(0)46-286 45 00, fax +46-(0)46-286 45 45,

Internet: www.chemel.com, mail info@chemel.com.

Contact person: Dr Margareta Krook, Temporary CEO

Chairman: Docent Dario Kriz


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