Chemel appoints new CEO

The board of Chemel AB has today appointed Kirstin Kriz as new CEO of Chemel AB. Kirstin Kriz will commence on the CEO position May 3, 2011.

With reference to the above decision, the chairman of the board of the company, Dario Kriz, announces that he does not intend to run for re-election at the annual general meeting 2011 due to the emerged bias situation. (Kirstin Kriz and Dario Kriz are married).

The board

Chemel AB

Chemel AB, Scheelevägen 19F:2, 223 70 LUND, tel +46-(0)46-286 45 00, fax +46-(0)46-286 45 45,

Internet: www.chemel.com, mail info@chemel.com.

Contact person: Dr Margareta Krook, Temporary CEO

Chairman: Ass Prof Dario Kriz

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