Call for Annual General Meeting

IDEON, Lund: The shareholders of the AktieTorget listed company Chemel AB (publ), org no 556529-6224, is hereby called to the annual general meeting May 3, 2011, 10 am, at IDEON Science Park, Scheelevägen 19F:2, Lund. Shareholders that wish to attend the meeting shall be registered in the share register held by Euroclear Sweden AB April 27, 2011, and apply for registration to attend the meeting latest April 28, 2011, 12 pm on the below adress or per telephone +46-(0)46 286 45 00, fax +46-(0)-286 45 45 or e-mail: info@chemel.com

Suggested agenda

1. Opening of the meeting and election of chairman of the meeting

2. Establishment and approval of voting list

3. Election of one or more persons to verify the minutes

4. Consideration if the meeting has been correctly called for

5. Approval of agenda

6. Presentation of annual general report and auditors report

7. Decisions on:

  • a) settling of result and balance
  • b) on dispositions regarding the loss of the company according to settled balance
  • c) on discharge of liability for the board and the managing director

8. Settlement of board and accountant fees

9. Election of board and possible board alternates and, in such case, election of auditor and possible auditor alternates

10. Other issue

  • a) decision on nomination commitee
  • b) Settlement of guidelines for fees to the officers of the company
  • c) Other issue, that is presented according to the Aktiebolagslagen (2005:551) or the articles of association

11. End of meeting

Suggestions for decisions (nomination commitee, board and others) and other acts according to the Aktiebolagslagen will be held public at the Company and at its homepage (www.chemel.com) from April 12, 2011.

Lund in April 2011

The Board

Chemel AB, Scheelevägen 19F:2, 223 70 LUND,

tel +46 (0)46-286 45 00, fax +46 (0)46-286 45 45,

Contact person: Dr Margareta Krook

Chairman of the board: Assoc prof Dario Kriz


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