Prospectus approval

The board of Chemel AB (publ) has prepared a prospectus on a new share issue decided by the extra general meeting March 17, 2011. The prospectus was approved by the Finansinspektionen March 29, 2011.

All share holders that have shares directly registered in Euroclear Sweden AB and nominee shareholders on the record day of March 25, 2011, will be sent a prospectus, a pre-printed issuing report and a subscription note by mail to the adress recorded in Euroclear Sweden AB around April 4, 2011. The prospectus as well as the subscription note will be available on the Chemel homepage www.chemel.com earliest March 29, 2011. The printed prospectus including a subscription note will be available at the Chemel office on Scheelevägen 19F:2, and sent upon request from the below adress, through e-mail info@chemel.com or by phone +46 (0)46 286 45 00.

The board

Chemel AB, Scheelevägen 19F:2, 223 70 LUND, tel +46 (0)46-286 45 00, fax +46 (0)46-286 45 45,

web www.chemel.com, mail info@chemel.com.

Contact person: Dr Margareta Krook

Chairman: Assoc prof Dario Kriz

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