Chemel and EURIS sign assignment agreement on protein purification technology

Chemel AB and European Institute of Science AB (EURIS) have signed a technology assignment agreement. The agreement gives Chemel the exclusive right to produce and sell liquid chromatography equipment developed by EURIS for purification of proteins such as antibodies. EURIS will recieve 5 % royalty on the revenue generated by the assigned technology, although a minimum royalty of 5 000 SEK per month. The agreement is pro-longed automatically in 6 month periods until September 2021. For Chemel the agreement will mean that income may be generated both from sales of the product itself and through purification assignments on behalf of external customers. In addition, the product may be supplemented with products from already existing suppliers within the Chemel Group.

Margareta Krook

Temporary CEO Chemel/Biotech-IgG Group

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