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Forensic and Paternity STR Kits

COrDIS product line: Multiplex STR kits for Genetic Human Identification

Key features of kits:

  • Highest multiplexity due to five dye chemistry
  • Reaction mix provided in ready-to-use format in separate PCR tubes.
  • High stability due to the use of freeze dried reaction mix. Kits are shipped at ambient temperature.
  • Kits contain all necessary plastic consumables and reagents. Internal DNA size standard is provided.
  • Reaction components provided highest sensitivity and tolerance to inhibitors.
  • Limit of detection: < 50 pg, concentration range 0.2 - 2 ng
  • No need for DNA extraction while working with standard samples (FTA cards, buccal swabs, dried blood stains)
  • Kits have passed GEDNAP proficiency test for forensic DNA typing.

STR kits are produced in 3 different forms:

  • 19 STR loci + Amelogenin
  • 10 STR loci + Amelogenin
  • 8 STR loci + Amelogeni

All kits are optimized and validated for ABI 3130/3130XL Genetic Analyzer

Kit components:

1. Strip PCR tubes with lyophilized PCR mix    12 strip (8 x 0.2 ml)

2. Activator solution  1 tube x 600 ul

3. Deionzed water    2 tubes x 2.0 ml

4. Allelic ladder (lyophilized)    2 tubes

5. Control DNA (lyophilized)    1 tube

6. Size standards S450 (lyophilized)    2 tubes

7. 96-well reaction plate    1 item

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