Scandinavian Distributor of Medical Diagnostic and Life Science Products

Management and Board

Dr. Margareta Krook, Chairman

(elected year 2002)

Dr. Margareta Krook was born in 1967. She became a Ph. D. in Applied Biochemistry in 1998 (Lund University) and M. Sc. in Chemical Engineering 1993 (Lund University). Has several years experience in management. Dr Margareta Krook has worked with technical and business development and management in Chemel AB since year 2000. She was CEO in Chemel AB/Biotech-IgG AB from 2003-2010 and in the first quarter of 2011. Since 2010 she is the CEO of the listed company Implementa Hebe AB. Margareta Krook is a board member of Biotech-IgG A/S and Implementa Hebe AB. She has 10 scientific publications and two approved patents. Margareta Krook is independet from the major shareholders of Biotech-IgG AB. Holds 212 500 shares in Biotech-IgG AB.

Ulric Aspegrén, Member of the Board

(elected 03/05/2011)

Born 1964. Bachelor of Science in electro and computer science (University of Colorado, Boulder, USA). Has worked for more than 20 years at Tetrapak in leading positions in marketing and sales. From this he has a received a solid knowledge about international marketing operations. Board member of Amiralen AB, Biotech-IgG A/S and Tomtebogården AB. Ulric Aspegrén is independent from the major shareholders of Biotech-IgG AB. Holds through capital insurance 3 113 000 shares in Biotech-IgG AB. Ulric Aspégren holds through capital insurance 15 % of the capital in Biotech-IgGs main owner European Institute of Science AB.

Dr Lars-Olof Hansson, Member of the Board

(elected 10/05/2016)

Born in 1944. He became M.D. in 1977, specialist in clinical chemistry in 1984, Ph.D. in medicine in 1996, and associate professor in 1998. He was previously the Head of the department of Clinical chemistry and pharmacology at the Academic Hospital in Uppsala (Sweden). He has over 50 scientific publications. Chairman of European Institute of Science AB. He holds 4 346 shares in Biotech-IgG AB. 

Edvard Skodic, Member of the Board

(elected 26/04/2010)

Born in 1974. Slovenian citizen. University exam in telecommunication (University of Ljubjana, Slovenia). Works as specialist in information technology in a leading company in Slovenia. Has worked in several positions with information technology in Delta Malta Ltd (Malta) and Telemach doo (Slovenia). He is board member of Biotech-IgG A/S. Edvard Skodic is independent from the major shareholders of Chemel AB. Holds 0 shares in Biotech-IgG AB.

Docent/Ass Prof Dario Kriz, CEO Biotech-IgG AB

(appointed 2012)

Born 1965. He became Ph.D. in Biochemistry in 1994, visiting professor at the University of Regensburg (Germany) during 1997-1998, and associate professor in 2004. He is the inventor of several products and methods in medical technology and biotechnology. He has 25 scientific publications and 13 approved patents. He is president of European Institute of Science AB. He holds together with Kirstin Kriz 268 425 shares in Biotech-IgG AB and 7 531 400 shares through European Institute of Science AB.

Dr Kirstin Kriz, CEO Biotech-IgG A/S

(appointed 2012)

Born in 1975. Bachelor of Science 1997 (University of California, San Diego, USA) PhD 2003 (Lund University). She has worked as head of quality and R&D Manager in the stock company LifeAssays AB and handled the communication with international suppliers and distributors within the LifeScience area. She is main owner and board member of European Institute of Science AB since 2004. Kirstin Kriz has published 10 scientific articles and patent applications. She has been rewarded with several American prestigeous titles such as UCSD Regents Scholarship (1995) and an honorary membership in Phi Beta Kappa (1997). She was the president of Biotech-IgG AB during 2011-2012. She holds together with Dario Kriz 268 425 shares in Biotech-IgG AB and 7 531 400 shares through European Institute of Science AB.