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Radioactively Labelled Research Compounds

Biotech-IgG is proud to offer radioactively labelled research compounds, custom 3H- and 14C-synthesis, and labelled oligonucleotides from the manufacturer HARTMANN ANALYTIC in Germany. Hartmann Analytic offers a highly specialsed product portfolio and greater flexibility to better meet customers needs.

Radiolabelled compounds offered that are important in the fields of biochemistry, molecular biology, virology, physiology:

  • Nucleotides: 32P, 33P, 35S labelled
  • Sugars:  3H, 14C labelled
  • Amino acids: 3H, 14C, 35S labelled
  • Nucleotide analogues: 3H, 14C some unlabelled
  • Basic compounds such as 32P phosphoric acid, 33P phosphoric acid, 35S sulphuric acid, 125I and 51Cr.
  • Custom synthesis

Key Advantages of Hartmann Analytic Radiochemicals:

  • High quality products at very competitive prices
  • Superior flexibility and customer focus
  • Dynamic pricing: order only the quantity you need and pay for just that quantity
  • Order the specific activity you need
  • Variable radioactive concentrations available
  • Rapid, reliable delivery: most deliveries made within 24 hrs.

Please note, that any quantity of 32P-, 33P- or 35S-Nucleotides from 100 µCi upwards can be dispensed and shipped according to your needs. By ordering only what the you use, radioactive waste is minimised and disposal costs kept to a minimum. At the same time, the highest quality in-house production and a comprehensive range of functional tests ensure products meet all your technical criteria.

Orders received before 14:00 Monday-Friday can be delivered next working day to any destination within Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

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