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Automatic Liquid Handling

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Robotic sample processors:

Our sample processors are designed to work in most liquid handling applications, owing to their high degree of flexibility in software and hardware.  As well as standardised systems, we offer fully customised applications.

Diluters and dispensers:

A range of laboratory diluters and dispensers to dilute and dispense samples accurately and quickly.  From fixed programme systems to flexible programmable instruments, and a range of modular devices for integration into OEM systems.

Applications include:

Blood grouping automation

Our automated blood grouping systems are highly secure, yet flexible enough to adapt to your choice of reagent. This way, you retain full control over costs and quality. For more information download the blood grouping brochure.

Automated IFA and ELISA systems

Our IFA and ELISA system eliminates the labour-intensive pipetting processes by providing cost effective automation for both. It accommodates the majority of IFA test formats and configurations available and can be adapted with custom racks, layouts or software to enhance its flexibility further. For more information download the IFA and ELISA brochure.

The most commonly automated tests include those for ANA (anti-nuclear antibodies), ANCA (Anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies), ENA (extractable nuclear antigens) Cardiolipin, and DNA.

PCR Plasma pooling

Our automated Plasma Pooling system has been developed to provide a cost effective yet extremely powerful means of automating all the pipetting processes involved in plasma pooling and archiving.

Oil testing

Our robotic sample processor is specifically configured for the preparation of diluted oil samples.

Compound screening

Our compound distribution system is a sample processor specifically adapted for the computer-controlled solvent addition, pipetting and dilution processes required in compound screening.


Tube filling

An automated, peristaltic pump-based filling instrument 13 accurate for a wide range of volumes and liquid types.

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