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Peptide & Proteins

Wide variety of specialized peptides, proteins & antibodies for research use!

Features of Cloud Clone Proteins and Antibodies 

I. Well-equipped facilities

SPF animal center with administrative permission has a capacity of 1440 rabbits and 10,000 mice, rats or nude mice. Protein center can produce purified native proteins, as well as recombinant proteins in prokaryotic system, mammalian cell system and yeast system. Antibody center can produce monoclonal antibodies (host species is mouse or rat), polyclonal antibodies (purified by antigen-specific affinity chromatography) and special antibodies conjugated with different links.

II. Completed cDNA libraries

We have huge cDNA libraries for human genes and common/rare species. These libraries guarantee a steady inventory growth in protein/antibody products. Sufficient stock assures prompt response and delivery after receipt of order.

III. Strict quality control

Each recombinant gene is identified by nucleotide sequencing. Excellent traceability system is applied in protein products. Western-Blot, IHC, ELISA and related detection methods are used to validate antibody products.

IV. Quality guarantee

A quality control is equipped with each protein and antibody product. Protein molecular weight marker is provided as the QC of protein product. Target recombinant protein is provided as the QC of antibody product (QC is free to be provided). Spot check on each step guarantees top quality of our products.

V. Customized services

The Cloud Clone Corp offers customized services according to customer needs. We attach great importance to the details of experimental design, providing the most accurate and comprehensive information and proposal.

VI. Special services

The Cloud Clone Corp. offers special services for small molecules (hapten) including structure analysis, modification, labeling and antibody preparation.

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