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ELISA Research Assays

Broad Selection of Niche ELISA Assays for Specialized Research!

Features of Cloud Clone ELISA Assays

Cloud Clone Corp. (formally known as USCN Life Science) offers more than 10,000 different ELISA assays within the areas of metabolic pathways, endocrinology, apototosis, kidney biomarkers, blood coagulation, tumor immunity, cytokines, neuroscience, cardiovascular biology, signal transduction, CD & cell adhesion, among others.

Not only is pricing competitive, but the kits produced are of high quality. Products supply and quality guaranteed by self-developed raw materials. High quality and stable raw materials for Elisa Kit production are provided by their self-developed R&D platforms containing prokaryotic, eukaryotic expression system, native protein purification system and monoclonal, polyclonal antibody production system.

Cloud Clone Corp is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO13485:2003 certified.

For more information download the USCN ELISA brochure.