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Rapid Vitamin D

Test4D™ Rapid Vitamin D Test in Whole Blood!

Within 10 minutes, Test4D™, let's you know if you are vitamin D deficient or not with a simple "Yes" or "No" response.

Test4D™ is a rapid chromatographic immunoassay for the detection of Vitamin D levels in human blood at a cut-off concentration of 32 +/- 6 ng/ml (80 +/- 15 nmol/L). This assay is designed for qualitative determination of Vitamin D and may be used in point-of-care settings including community health care centers and hospital wards.

Assay Features:

  • Qualitative rapid immuno­chromatographic assay
  • Detection of Vitamin D in whole blood from a finger-prick specimen
  • Cut-off concentration of 32ng/mL ± 6ng/mL (80nmol/L ± 15nmol/L)
  • Assay time: 10 minutes
  • High degree of sensitivity and specificity
  • Good correlation with Diasorin Liason Assay
  • Kit size: 25 tests per kit

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Product Description Product Code
Test4D Rapid Vitamin D kit (25 tests) (IVD CE) AM-DG-2102-25 Enquiry