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Vitamin D & Bone Metabolism

This group contains cutting-edge Vitamin D and Bone Metabolism assays for clinical routine and research use.

Vitamin D

25OH Vitamin D Total ELISA and RIA Assays

1,25(OH)2 Vitamin D ELISA and RIA Assays

Vitamin D status is an important measure assessing bone health. Vitamin D plans an important role in regulation of calcium levels and bone remodeling. Vitamin D deficiency can result from inadequate intake coupled with inadequate sunlight exposure, conditions that impair conversion of Vitamin D into active metabolites. Vitamin D deficiency is an important risk factor for rickets, osteomalacia, senile osteoporisis, cancer and pregnancy outcomes. The measurement of both 25OH Vitamin D forms is also required to determine the cause of abnormal serum calcium concentrations in patients. Key advantages of the assays are:

  • 25OH Total ELISA: unique sample pretreatment step which occurs directly inside the mictotiter plate
  • All assay are very robot: good precision & super sensitivity
  • 25OH Total RIA & ELISA: Calibrated against ID-LC/MS-MS
  • All assays have the fastest turn-around times
  • 1,25(OH)2 ELISA & RIA: only ELISA with breakable wells and both assays use a coated tube technology so no hassle with PEG
  • Extraction of 1,25(OH)2 Vitamin D based on a superior extraction procedure

Download information brochures 1,25 OH Vitamin D ELISA, 1,25 OH Vitamin D RIA , 25 OH Vitamin D ELISA and 25 OH Vitamin D RIA.

Bone Metabolism

Other Bone Metabolism Assay include:

  • Parathyroid hormone (PTH), ELISA & RIA
  • Calcitonin, ELISA & RIA
  • Osteocalcin (1-43/49) ELISA & RIA

Download information brochures Bone Metabolism ELISA, and Bone Metabolism RIA.

Below is a list of our most popular kits within Vitamin D and Bone Metabolism. For a complete list of products, please use product search at the top of the page.

Product Description Product Code
1,25 OH Vitamin D3 ELISA (IVD CE)  DS-KAP1921 Enquiry
25 OH Vitamin D Total ELISA (IVD CE)  DS-KAP1971 Enquiry
1,25 OH Vitamin D3 RIA (IVD CE) 
25 OH Vitamin D Total RIA (IVD CE) 
DS-KIP1971 Enquiry
Osteocalcin ELISA (IVD CE)  DS-KAP1381 Enquiry
Osteocalcin RIA (IVD CE) 
Calcitonin US ELISA (IVD CE) 
DS-KAP0421 Enquiry
Calcitonin US IRMA (IVD CE)