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This product group contains cutting-edge ELISA assays for clinical routine, as well as, research use within Alzheimer's Disease and Neurodegenerative Disorders.

Alzheimer's Disease

Amyloid-beta (1-42) ELISA in CSF

Amyloid-beta (1-40) ELISA in CSF

Measurement of Amyloid-beta (1-42) peptide has been accepted as a tool to aid in the early diagnosis of Alzheimer 19s disease (AD). Furthermore, it has been shown the normalization of the of Amyloid-beta (1-42) concentration for the total amount of Amyloid-beta peptides by using the Amyloid-beta 42/40 ratio is found to improve sensitivity and specificity of the AD diagnosis as compared to using the CSF  Amyloid-beta 42 concentration alone. Both kits are IVD CE marked and were specifically designed to allow for the splitting of one diluted CSF sample and using the same protocol for both assays. Key advantages of the assays:

  • Assay procedures and sample dilution are the same for both ELISAs
  • Assay time 3.5 hrs
  • Can be performed at room temperature
  • Both assays automatable
  • Clinical sensitivity and specificity well above 90%
  • Inter-assay CVs <5%
  • Inter-lot and operator CVs <8%
  • Good correlation with commercially available ELISA assay

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Tau total ELISA in CSF

Both tau measurements and CSF Amyloid-beta measurements are part of the diagnostic criteria laid down by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH). Increases in total Tau CSF are thought to reflect non-specific disruptions of nerve cells. Furthermore, the determination of total tau as a marker of tau pathology in Alzheimer 19s disease is also widely accepted. The combination of markers for amyloid beta pathology and tau pathology significantly increases the diagnostic sensitivity and specificity. The new ELISA kit is IVD CE marked for clinical use.

The table below gives a list of ELISAs available for Alzheimer 19s disease research involving the detection of Amyloid-beta precursor protein ELISAs, Pyroglutamate Amyloid-beta ELISAs and HMGB1 (inflammation) ELISAs.

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Neurodegenerative Disorders

NF-Light® (Neurofilament light) ELISA

Neurofilament light levels are found to be elevated in neurodegenerative disorders that are associated with the destruction of the white matter such as Parkinson 19s disease, Multiple sclerosis and Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). This ELISA kit enable a rapid (3-hr) quantification of the neurofilament light chain.

Interferon-beta (IFN-beta) ELISA

IFN-beta is an anti-inflammatory cytokine and involved in the regulation of immune responses against viral infections. Measurement of IFN-beta can be used for studying pharmacokinetics, multiple sclerosis therapy and antiviral properties. Assay features include:

  • New standard for sensitivity and reliability in the measurement of human IFN-beta
  • Specific for biologically active human IFN-beta
  • Designed to measure IFN-beta A accurately
  • Calibrated against NIH reference

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Below is a list of our most popular kits within Neurodegeneration. For a complete list of products, please use product search at the top of the page.

Product Description Product Code
Amyloid-beta (1-40) CSF ELISA (IVD CE) (RUO) IB-RE-59651 Enquiry
Amyloid-beta (1-42) CSF ELISA (IVD CE) (RUO) IB-RE-59661 Enquiry
Tau total ELISA (IVD CE) (RUO) IB-RE-59631 Enquiry
NF-light® (Neurofilament-light) ELISA (IVD CE) (RUO) IB-UD-51001 Enquiry
Interferon-beta (IFN beta) ELISA (RUO) IB-BE-51031 Enquiry