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Food Intolerance & Animal Allergy

Food Intolerance Screening

Nearly half of the population is affected by food intolerance or food sensitivity. This is an abnormal reaction to certain foods, usually occurring several hours or even days after a person eats a reactive food. Symptoms can vary from abdominal pain or bloating, to headaches, skin problems or joint aches. FinTest™ is a diagnostic blood test that has been developed to screen for food intolerances.

The FinTest™ system is based on:

  1. A patient's blood sample is collected from a finger prick either at home or at the physician's office and sent to the laboratory for testing.
  2. The laboratory screens the blood sample using the FinTest™ ELISA plate. Depending on the ELISA plate set-up the test can screen for more than 700 different allergens found in different foods.
  3. A nutritionist informs patient of test results and provides personal diet advice.

FinTest™ Offers:

  • Quantitative determination of IgG/IgG4 antibodies against food allergens in human serum or plasma. Food intolerance is an IgG mediated response compared with food allergy which is an IgE mediated response.
  • Available in two different formats. The FinTest™ basic are standard assays for screening common allergens found in food. The FinTest™ Flex are custom assays for region specific food allergens where the design of the plate is determined by the customer.
  • More than 700 allergens are available for testing.
  • FinTest™ is adoptable for automates (DSX®, Freedom EVOlyser®, BEP 2000).



FinTest™ IgG Screen 24 ELISA

3 patients for 24 allergens per plate

FinTest™ IgG4 Screen 20 ELISA

4 patients for 20 allergens per plate

FinTest™ IgG Screen 88 ELISA

1 patient for 88 allergens per plate

FinTest™ IgG4 Screen 88 ELISA

1 patient for 88 allergens per plate

For more information download the Nutritional Screening brochure.

Product Description Product Code
FinTest™ IgG Screen 24 ELISA
IB-RE-59521 Enquiry
FinTest™ IgG4 Screen 20 ELISA
IB-RE-59421 Enquiry
FinTest™ IgG Screen 88 ELISA
IB-RE-59591 Enquiry
FinTest™ IgG4 Screen 88 ELISA
IB-RE-59491 Enquiry