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This product group involves a wide range of ELISA, luminescence and RIA assays for use in gynaecology, andrology and IvF.


17-OH-Progesterone (17-OH-P) ELISA and RIA Assays

17-OH-Progesterone is the most suitable biochemical marker for the diagnosis of congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH). CAH has a prevalence of 1-20 in 10 000 children and it is one of the most frequent inborn endocrine disorders. It can also be a diagnostic tool for monitoring steroid replacement therapy and prostatic cancer. Key advantages of the assays:

  • Excellent analytical characteristics
  • For the 17-OH-P serum ELISA age-dependent reference ranges for children
  • Good correlation with LC-MS/MS
  • Easy 17-OH-P monitoring in saliva
  • ELISA is easy to automate
  • Accuracy and precision controlled by external quality control schemes: RfB, INSTAND (Germany), UK NEQAS

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Estradiol 17b (C-6, C-7) Direct RIA

Measurement of Estradiol is used as a diagnostic tool for fertility assessment, menstrual cycle irregularities, estrogen secreting tumors, monitoring of osteoporosis in menopause, IVF and precocious puberty in females. Key advantages of the kit include:

  • Ultra-sensitive and specific
  • No cross-reaction with conjugated forms of estradiol
  • Covers entire dynamic range
  • Direct measurement in serum or plasma

Estrone (E1) ELISA

Estrone is the predominant estrogen for postmenopausal women and is the most important factor in polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCO). It is also a tool in hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and postmenopausal disorders.

  • Direct assay with no extraction required
  • Measurement of serum and saliva

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5x-Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) ELISA

Good marker for female androgenism. In Klinefelter 19s syndrome the DHT level is much lower than that found in normal men. It has also been reported that in some prostate cancers (especially stage D) the determination of DHT could be useful in predicting the response to anti-androgen therapy.

  • No extraction and oxidation required
  • Assay time 1,5 hours

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Other Assays

See the table below for other assays for corticoids, estrogens, progestagens, androgens, binding proteins and peptide hormones. For a complete product list, please use the product search at the top of the page.

Product Description Product Code
Androstendione ELISA  LD-AA E-1000 Enquiry
DHEA-S ELISA  LD-AA E-1100 Enquiry
SHBG ELISA  LD-AA E-1200 Enquiry
Testosterone ELISA  LD-AA E-1300 Enquiry
Free Testosterone ELISA 
LD-AA E-1400 Enquiry
Androstanediol-Glucoronide ELISA 
LD-AA E-1500
LD-AA E-1600
LD-AA E-1700
17-OH-Progesterone ELISA 
IB-MG 12181 Enquiry
Estrone ELISA 
LD-FR E-2300
LD-FR E-2400