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Corporate Governance

Biotech-IgG AB applies the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance ("the Code") in those parts that are relevant for the company. The Code complements the external rules which affect the Corporate Governance, which is constituted mainly by the Companies Act, Accountancy legislation and current listing agreement. Biotech-IgG AB applies fiscal financial year 1 Jan - 31 Dec, and will account for any deviations from the Code in a Corporate Governance report which will be attached to the Annual Report for 2016. These documents are available for downloading:

Articles of Association (In Swedish)

Report on Corporate Governance (In Swedish)


The Biotech-IgG Board consists of the following persons: Mats Andersson, Anders Hag, Stefan Nyman and Aram Soma


Anders Edvardsson, CEO/VD Biotech-IgG AB 


Anders Edvardsson, CEO/VD Biotech-IgG A/S 

Nomination Committee general annual meeting 2018

The chairman of the board shall every year during the third quarter call a nomination commitée which shall consist of one representative each of minimum two of the company's largest shareholders per August 31 and the largest shareholder that is independent from the two mentioned main owners. If anyone of these shareholders should renounce the right to appoint a representative or if a member should resign for the nomination committée before it has finished its assignment this right shall go to the shareholder that, after these shareholders, has the largest shareholdings.

The majority of the members of the nomination committée shall not be members of the board and the chairman of the board or any other member of the board shall not be the chairman of the nomination committée. The managing director or any other person from the management of the company shall not be a member of the nomination committée. The members of the nomination committée shall be announced latest six months before the Annual General Meeting. The nomination committée shall appoint a chairman within the committée. The nomination committée shall perform the tasks from time to time given by the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance.

The nomination committée may be reached through

Protocols general annual meetings

Protocols annual general meetings (in Swedish)

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Protocols extra general meetings (in Swedish)

201620162015-12015-2201420132012, 2011-1, 2011-2, 2011-3

Next annual general meeting will be held May 9, 2018. All shareholders, independent of the number of shares in possession, has the possiblity to get issues handled in a general meeting provided they are presented to the board in such good time that they may be part of the notice for the general meeting. Such issues should therefore have been received by the board latest six weeks before the general meeting is held.

Corporate governance report  (SE)


Isabella Eva Rummer 

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