Scandinavian Distributor of Medical Diagnostic and Life Science Products

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Biotech-IgG is a Scandinavian distributor of medical diagnostic and life science products with more than 30 years of in-field experience. Biotech-IgG is an international company group which consists of Biotech-IgG AB, a Swedish public sharing holding company, and a wholly owned Danish subsidiary, Biotech-IgG A/S.

Biotech-IgG AB was established in 1997 as a technology start-up company providing a novel sensing technology for metabolites in industrial applications. Biotech-IgG A/S was established in 1989 as a diagnostic distribution company, but is based on business connections which have been developed across Scandinavia since 1978. 


Today, the group's objectives are to act as an importer and distributor of diagnostic and life science products for sale to health-care, university and industrial customers within Scandinavia. Biotech-IgG A/S is established near central Copenhagen adjacent to the University Life Sciences Institutes, Pharmaceutical University and the National Cancer Research Centre and within fifteen minutes of the Technical University of Copenhagen, the State Serum Institute, the State Veterinary Serum Institute and the Veterinary University.